Thursday, December 13, 2007

Felted Soap

Etsy Seller AmeliaMakesArt

I have been avoiding this topic for as long as I could.  Why, you ask? I'm not entirely sure.  Felted soaps have only become noticeable to me personally within the last few months or so, but it is an ancient craft.  

I love to exfoliate....with scrubs, washcloths, seed filled soaps, etc.  Makes me feel extra clean and refreshed.  My nerve ending all feel alive and my skin feels revived.  So why the puss when I look at felted bars?  Well, there is something about the idea of wet wool that makes me physically uncomfortable.  Gives me that "fingernails on a blackboard" shiver.

Since I started writing this soap blog, I feel it is my duty to explore and share all things soap; Trends, styles, techniques, recipes (although for some strange reason, no one has shared their tutorials), so felted soap feels like the next natural topic.  

What I know about felted soap:
1.  It can be very pretty.
2.  It is exfoliating, like a built-in washcloth.
3.  It's not felt, it is wool (apparently Merino wool works best).
4.  Anyone with hands can do it.

Etsy seller lanadeflor

Mike's Fiber Arts has a great looking tutorial with step by step instructions and photos.

A video tutorial below made it feel easier to tackle this project.   I'm big on visual aids, so here is one featuring SuZanna Anna:

If you have felted soaps I would love to see photos!


Anne-Marie said...

Otion did felting classes every week for like two months a few years back. They were very well attended because as you say, anyone can do it! And, it's a great way to get rid of odds and ends that you can't sell. =)

Joanna Schmidt said...

Do you melt down the bits and reform them before making a felt wrap, anne-marie?

Jennifer said...

I have the same squicky feeling towards them, while I find them fascinating, and I know the process, I simply cannot bring myself to make them.

A friend of mine who raises alpacas made some with ivory (yes I yelled at her) and I wasn't impressed with how wet the bars stay.