Friday, December 14, 2007

The London Soap Factory

I found this soap company, The London Soap Factory, and loved the names of their handmade soaps.  Set in New York City and operated by Oliver Andrew Wells of California, this handmade soap comany does things a little different.

 Their process:
"...use a two step process where we first make the soap base and then return later to add in all of the great indgredients that give each soap its unique character. The first step involves saponifying our unique blend of oils...... We hand mix these ingredients for hours until the thicken or trace. Once ready, they are poured in molds where they will sit for two weeks.

The next step involves grating our soap base down and melting it back into a liquid form. Once melted we can blend in our high quality ingredients and essential oils. Once mixed in by hand the soap is returned to the molds and later taken out to cure for about another month. It is only at this point that our soap is ready and safe for use."

Some of the cute names of the soaps are Tea With The Queen, Mind The Peel and Green Goat Gruff among others.  Check 'em out!


Anonymous said...

how neat

Joan T. Georgia said...

TEa With The Queen, I love it. It gives it a feel that it is made in London....