Monday, December 17, 2007

Daybreak Lavender Farm - A Guest Review

One of my readers, "Kayti Bear", asked if she could write a review on a soap she absolutely adores.  I welcome a community with others ideas and opinions.  Under the beautiful soap photo is Kayti's review.  I hope you enjoy it!

Vanilla Bourbon & Tonka Bean By Daybreak Lavender Farm
10 ounces $16.95

I am a person who loves handmade soap. My cupboards are full of (soap) just in case I run out (haha).   Even my dresser has a couple of bars to scent my clothes.  My skin is sensitive by nature to most commercially produced products.  I used to be really bummed out not being able to go to the mall and get the hottest scent from Bath and Body works.  Then one day I got my first bar of handmade soap.  It was love at first wash and the rest as they say is history.

I wanted to review Vanilla Bourbon & Tonka Bean soap by Daybreak Lavender farm.  Please keep in mind that for me to bother to review it as opposed to the other stuff in my cupboard equates it with something special.

The first thing I judge on is packaging and presentation. Daybreak sent this bar carefully wrapped in tissue paper. It's a large bar easily cut into two bars. The smell is to die for.  People visiting asked me if it was fudge. I had to convince myself it wasn't fudge.  Daybreak may call this Vanilla Bourbon & Tonka Bean but I call it soap for people who chase a screaming toddler all day.

Here's what Daybreak says about it:

Vanilla Planifolia Bourbon (sorry no Jack Daniels here, the Bourbon is the finest vanilla variety!!) is an elegant orchid-dotted vine growing deep in the tropical forests of Madagascar. With a history dating back to the 1400's this is complex vanilla blend that we create with that tradition in mind.  Starting six months before soap making day, we take an insane number the finest Madagascar Vanilla beans to infuse our sunflower oil so that the orchid's elusive perfume deeply permeates every molecule of your bar.

We then add extravagant amounts of Vanilla Absolute and Vanilla Essential Oil -- along with Tonka Bean Essential Oil for a rich bottom note -- and just a touch of something very secret for the briefest of top notes.

Besides being decadent and tasty smelling, the folks at Daybreak use some oils you just don't see.... the amounts they use. Daybreak is all about quality. They care about producing a great product that is good for you and the environment. They do seventh generation farming meaning the land will be in better condition than it is now seven generations from now. Customer service is excellent. You can email or call them with questions and a real person answers.

This bar is made with the following oils:

pure, Ghanaian unrefined shea, mango and cocoa butters in a rich base of Grade A olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil, pistachio oil, and castor oil.

All of which are beneficial to your skin. I frankly haven't found someone who combines these oils. The lather is smooth and creamy. When I came out of my bath, my nephew (said screaming toddler) said "You smell like ice cream". It leaves your skin soft and full of moisture without being an oily mess.

At first I shook my head at paying the $16.95 but the size of the bar and ingredients make the price. It lasts twice as long to three times as a normal bar. Mind you it's just me taking a bath . Speaking of which my mother came over and raided my soap collection taking this bar. It's just that creamy and good. 

Just remind yourself it's not fudge.


Thank you Kayti Bear!!

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Anonymous said...

I was given a bar of Patchouli Mint soap from Daybreak Lavender Farm and absolutely fell in love with it. (I confess, I'm a patchouli lover.) The lather was so silky, the scent so lovely (not too heavy on the patchouli) and the bar lasted longer than any other handmade soap I've used. It was gentle on my skin and I did not hesitate to use it on my face.
Sadly, the soap is gone now and I was just looking up the maker on the web to order more when I ran across Kayti's review. Now I think I will also have to order the Vanilla Bourbon & Tonka Bean soap.