Thursday, December 20, 2007

Soap Cakes

I am on such a sugar kick these days ...  It's kind of turning into a sad state of affairs.  Me + cake = Fatty Me.

So tonight I found some very luscious looking soaps that will not stretch the leather belt I'm wearing and they look so delicious that I'm starting to think I'm smelling freshly baked treats in my living room...  Maybe I am going nuts, but I smell (long inhale) frosting, I kid you NOT!
So here are three photos of soap cakes from My Primitive Boutique that will not stretch the waistline (unless you are eating cupcakes in the shower at the same time):

Coconut Lime Verbena


Spice Trade 

My Primitive Boutique is an online shabby chic boutique filled with custom made signs, appliques, candles, clothing, gifts and, of course, these soap cakes.  Cheryl owns the shop and her "about me" page is filled with descriptions of the love for her family.  It warms my heart when people talk of their family with such adoration!

Here is a handcrafted ornament - yet another wonderful item she makes and sells...

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Nichole said...

mmmm! I know this is an older post, but I LOVE this idea!!! soap cakes! yes! beautiful!