Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter Soap

Carol Ochs of Simply Soap outdid herself this time!  My husband wrote an excellent soap review on her Wylde Jasmine Orange Blossom Faerie soap, but as far as Brad was concerned, it should have been called Orange Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter Soap.  Apparently, the soap was too cool for its given name.

I am guessing that Carol was so happy with his review that she sent us more of the same soap. She changed the name on this package for Brad, wrapped the bar in denim and decorated the package with boxing gloves, a screw and a helmet.  Finally the soap came in a handmade jute pouch. Very manly!

Brad took a shower with the soap last night and announced to me, "Yep, that's the stuff!"

Carol, you are very talented.  And funny.  We wish you the best and hope you sell oodles of the Orange Racing Motorcycle Ultimate Fighter soap.


Anne-Marie said...

You know you're doing a great job when you get presents from fans. Kudos to your husband for inspiring such a showering of gifts.

koinoniacommunity said...

Love it! Every man will have to have it.

Anonymous said...

hey, i read brad's great review, and i'm really interested in the soap, but i want to order it with the great packaging she made just for him. is she going to rename the soap (have a he and she version). keep me posted. ddlicious.

Anonymous said...

i just read brad's review about simply soap to harry (dr. j). then i showed him the picture of the soap's special label sent to brad, just for him. he could not help but chuckle, said he's interested, too. asked the kid to write a review on your products, which you know he is quite familiar with. the boy seems shy, smiled and said if he has a little time. he's retired, has far too many crossword puzzles surrounding the easy chair. HELP. had fun, loved it. xoxoxoxoxo mom