Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Master Soaper Indeed

I have been admiring Gabriele Kappes for years now. She is a master soap maker as you can see below.  I have only chosen a few soaps to feature and I'm not even sure that these soaps were the best but it was so hard to choose because they were all so good.

Gabriele's soap handle is  macsoapy, which is also her Flickr account name, in case you want to go peek at her soap yourself.

   Now rest your eyes on these beautiful soaps......

I wrote a macsoapy post back in July of '08 when I really had first discovered her.  Not only does she make so much soap, and such beautiful soap, but she takes amazing photographs.  She is some photographer!  I visit her blog all the time, which includes soap, packaging, life, local farmer's markets, food....etc, all captured with such beautiful photos.  I have no mad German language skills, so I'm fortunate that there is a Google translation application on the blog, or I'd just be browsing the pictures, which I did for a while before I noticed the translator.  **tapping head**  So observant, you know.

Today, I spent the coffee part of my morning viewing Gabi's Flickr photos (the soap and self portrait photos), which I couldn't even get through....that is how many there are.  I was in there for 2 hours? I have never spoken to Gabi, but if pictures speak louder than words, my guess is that she is a bit like me.I think that's why I spent so much time viewing so many.  I was entranced.

She has a serious side.
Has a private side.
Loves creativity,
and the beauty of food, nature, love, colors.
Is true to herself.

Hopefully one day I will meet Gabriele.



macsoapy said...

I am humbled and I enjoy your words very much.
I work very hard every day and vour article gives me a big push to go on ...
The photography became important to me last year. If I have no words I can say a lot with pictures.
Thank you so much, Joanna.

innerearthsoaps said...

Wow. Incredible soap!

FuturePrimitive said...

What a woman! She looks so ace. I can't think of a better word. I have read her blog quite a bit after finding the link on your blog roll. I love the pics and the soaps...well!

Teresa said...

Yummy Tuesday soap porn!
Thank you!!!

Amy Warden said...

Spunky comes to mind as well, having seen her self portraits. :) Creative & fun-loving soaps too - love it!