Monday, April 19, 2010

Lip Balm Raves

There are two lip balms that deserve praise from me because they are both luscious and smell delicious!

The first one I received was from Erin, of Naiad Soap Arts.  It's Banana Buttercreme.  Right off the bat, I thought would be sticky-sweet, but it had the perfect combination of banana and sugar.  It was not overly sweet, it was lovely and it was almost more of a lip gloss than a balm and it came in a slide tin.  Very cute, super glossy, and way banana sophisticated.  No monkeys.

Downside: I had a hell of a time getting into the damn thing with the tamper-proof shrink wrap plastic.  Yeah, you should have been a fly on the wall for that because I looked ridiculous!  Not Erin's fault.  My fault for never really being good at breaking the code of shrink wrap.

The next one is HARLOT Circus Peanut by Lysa, of The Morbid The Merrier.  Man, that's good.  This one comes in an elliptical lip balm tube and is super easy to use and is super portable which gets an A+ in my book because I'm all about comfort and function.  The smell? Ohmagod, can I just tell you?  It brings back memories of childhood when I could sit in one place and eat sugar crap and love every second of it - sticky teeth and all.  This balm is called Circus Peanut, and it does smell like circus peanuts, but also it has a hint of that candied popcorn in there... Cracker Jack sweet.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is SO GOOD!

Oh so good...Better get them before they are all gone and the circus leaves town!


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They look so good, I spent a fortune on soap at the weekend!

Btw I gave you an award :)

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