Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fragrance & Essential Oil Destash!

Most of you are soap makers and bath and body products creators so I put this out to you.  Perhaps it could benefit us all.

I have more oils than I know what to do with and I want more stuff that I DO want to work with so I am thinking that I either want to sell my stuff or trade it with something of equal value that I really want.  I have WAY to much stuff here that will go to waste if I don't move it along.  We all have to pay through our nose to try new things.  I am ready for new things to have!

I received three essential oils from Camden Grey today that I do not like at all and I want to try others because I have grand ideas that I can not start on until I clear out some things.  I am running out of space.  I did not want to offer half empty stuff, so everything listed is either unopened (you can see the black tape on some of them or untaped (they didn't come taped - Camden Grey).

Click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

Camden Grey Ginger EO - 2 ounces - I paid $5.95 -  it arrived today. 
S O L D!

Camden Grey Manuka EO - 1/8 ounce - I paid $5.95 - it arrived today.  
S O L D!

Camden Grey Rosewood EO - 1/8 ounce - I paid $3.12 -  it arrived today.  
S O L D !

Brambleberry Peppermint EO - 1 ounce 

Brambleberry Mango Lassi FO - 16 ounces
S O L D !

Brambleberry Cream Cheese Frosting - 16 ounces

u p d a t e !

Majestic Mountain Sage Graham Cracker FO 
(love this, but I have too much!) - 16 ounces

If you are interested in buying any or all of these, offer me a price and I will charge you actual shipping costs.  My email is jo(at)productbody(dot)com.  I wish I could offer you more at the moment, but I will have other type of things, like perhaps clays, botanicals and other stuff.  I want to keep it quality, not junk ...I'll keep you posted!

Oh, did you like my hi-tech copy paper back drop and our cool '57 Chevy that bit the dust under some car as my prop?  Also the cute face is my office pen.   


Anne-Marie said...

Aw, sad to see the Mango Lassi. =( Did it end up not selling well for you?

Amy said...

ooh... I'll take the rosewood and ginger if they aren't spoken for...

is there anything specific you are looking to trade for?

Joanna said...

No Anne Marie, I have just made too much in that scent and I am ready to move on. I still have SO SO much!

Amy, you can have the Ginger and Rosewood. What eo's do you have?

Joanna said...

Amy - you can email me!
I am retiring for the evening but I will be back on at 7:25 am!

Every A.M.

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email, Jo. :)