Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lemonade Lounger by Tiggy

What a perfect soap for Spring!  Tiggy, of Future Primitive, sent me this soap.  I love lemon and I love the peaceful hues of butter tones. They just make me relax and remember to breathe, which is funny, because not one room in my house is that color.  *scratching head*

Oils, organic unrefined cocoa butter, clay and essential oils, this soap packs a nice punch in the shower.  This soap didn't smell like a buttery lemon, noooo. It had some sophisticated essential oil blending going on, it was hard for me to decipher, but it was all good and I found myself standing in the steam of the shower holding the bar to my nose rubbing the cocoa line on my lips and inhaling to make sure every oil in there got into me so I could feel it all.  It was a spiritual experience.  

This is no ordinary bar of soap.  It is gorgeous, chunky, smooth, lathers fantastically, leaves my skin soft and silky - my husband tells me so (!) and it smells great!

Tiggy also sent me the Potters Bar, but I haven't tried it yet.  I love looking at it every day.  :)

If you want to try her soap but can't decide what to get, she sells a sample pack of 6!

She has inspired a number of us soaping addicts to try the cocoa line (which I failed miserably at on the first go-around).   Not only is it made by a woman who is creative, Tiggy Fiander is also talented, friendly, funny, spicy, creative, generous, and has given so much joy to the soaping community, especially on this blog.  

Go, Tigger!

p.s.: go read her blog, too!


Amy Warden said...

Lucky you! I've admired that Lemon one from afar. Glad to hear it's just as good as it sounds!

FuturePrimitive said...

thank you again Jo Jo x x

Dreaming Tree Soapworks said...

I think I'll have to try some..I've been on quite the lemon kick of late, I love a big chunky soap!

Bath Oil said...

These soaps loo amazing! So good i could eat them

Lyn said...

I never tire admiring FuturePrimatives soaps :-) Beautiful creations indeed

Seattle Cleaning Service said...

Nice soap.