Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Under The Lemon Moon

This soap review should have been written months ago. Originally, Jenn and Meg, co-owners of Dreaming Tree Soapworks, sent me soap at my shop, but I lost the package during that chaotic time where we were thinking about closing it down and then we were packing up. I felt terrible. Not only did I make them wait, but then I had to tell them I lost the damn box of soap! They were so understanding and sent me two more bars to try. Since then, they've continued to wait and send me friendly reminders once a month saying, "Hi!". Between closing the shop and my unexpected sickness this month, they are probably wondering if I just collect soaps and never write about them. :) Not true.

I am here to tell Jenn and Meg and all of you that Under The Lemon Moon is pure delight in a bar. My husband liked it and that is saying A LOT because we have 5 or so soaps in the shower and only two are disappearing quickly. This one is one of them. My hubby takes two showers a day every day, without fail, so soaps typically go faster in our shower and this one is now a sliver. He is extremely picky and doesn't like most soaps. Actually, he either hates them, or does his shrug thing with a crooked shrug mouth, you know what I'm talking about.... He's got only a small window of scent tolerance for the shower experience.

This soap smells clean, creamy and lemony with a hint of sweetness, but not overwhelming in any way. It's made with shea butter, and felt smooth and moisturizing. I loved using this soap! They sent me Just The Right Bar as well and it smells delish but I haven't showered with it yet. I've washed my hands with it and it's wonderful. An oatmeal, milk and honey porridge mix, yum yum.

just the right bar

Go check out their website! Jenn and Meg? Fab, chickies!! Thank you :)


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Anonymous said...

D'oh, looks like you have spam again, Jo!

I didn't know that Brad actually doesn't care much for soaps...neither does my dh. Go figure. I thought it was just the patchouli that got to him.

Those soaps look lovely, and I like the name of their company!