Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honey Bee Mine. Forever & Ever & Ever

Honey Bee Mine - Handmade Cold Process SoapHoney Bee Mine - Handmade Cold Process Soap

Honey Bee Mine

handmade by Erin, of Inner Earth Soaps, in lovely
Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia

I have been a fan of Erin's soaps for over a year now. I have been following her blog and her beach photographs of her gorgeous soaps. It always intrigued me that she'd bring her soaps to the shore and lay them on the rocks in the sun. Always beautiful. The weather and her soaps!

Erin sent me a bar of Honey Bee Mine and, of course, it was gorgeous just like the pictures.
A tantalizing combination of sweet orange essential oil and fresh local honey. Delicious! The honey adds extra bubbles to the lather and makes a great facial soap.
I didn't read about what the scent was. I just assumed by the name and the "honeycomb" top that it would be honey scented, but when I got into the shower and started showering, that bar lathered up lickety split and smelled up the shower stall instantly. Yummy! Orange, did I smell orange essential oil? What a delight! It was an orange with a hint of honey. What an odd combination but I LOVED IT!

love love love
love love love
love love love

So between the frothy creamy lovely lather and the scent and the unbelievable smoothness of the bar itself touching my skin, I'd have to say, I recommend getting a bar of this before this batch runs out. Is it a limited edition? You better go find out.

4.5 - 5.2oz for only $6!! People. It's a steal.

This is a keeper, Erin.


innerearthsoaps said...

Wow, thanks so much Jo! You're a sweetheart! I'm so glad you like the soap, it's definitely one of my faves too :)

Naiad Soap Arts said...

I just got done browsing her shop - amazing stuff! I especially love how she designs her soaps and the scents sound amazing!

FuturePrimitive said...

Love Erin's soaps. She's such a clever chick.
And she makes me think of holidays in the sun...because she lives on Bondi. Lucky girl.
Her soaps kick the ass off most!

Amy W said...

Love how the top layer looks just like honey too! Great job, Erin!

Celine@Soaperstar said...

That is one damn fine soap.. the top looks like a huge chunk of caramel, you just want to bite in. The Orange EO is a great idea too! Fab soaps!

Angie said...

She has some beautiful soaps! I love the honeycomb look!

Anonymous said...

Orange + honey is a perfect combo...gorgeous too!

Kalesh said...

You are working well with your blog. These won't look like soaps. However these manufacturer's are doing really well. Have a look at my blog too and leave your comments on the topics.

Work at Home Dad said...

That is a great combo. Great work.

Poland said...

Do You hava soap from Poland ?

Heidi said...

I like that honeycomb top. Great idea!

Together We Save said...

Wow - I will have to check these out!! Sound great!!