Thursday, March 18, 2010

My OpenSky Shop Is Filled With Goodies + Free Soap

Remember I was telling you that I was asked to set up a virtual shop and fill it up with things I thought were awesome? Well I did. OpenSky is Modern Main Street: an online marketplace - - WAY BETTER than, where you can shop for things that have been hand picked by people you trust (ME!). I write what I think about an item, OpenSky tries make their prices really fair and get you great deals.

This is what they say: If, for any reason, you are not thrilled with your purchase, you can return it to OpenSky within 365 days of receipt for a full refund.

Does it get better than that? It gets better for me: I get a piece of whatever sells, because I sent you there. So let me tell you why I picked the things that are in my shop because it is a jumble of things. I picked handmade soap from a fellow soap maker, Trista Page of Indigo Bee who is giving away a beautifully smelling soap called OpenSky with any of her soap packages. Free soap!

Really, it smells so fresh and clean, you might want to get a bar... but it is exclusive only through my OpenSky shop. I also shared other bath and body stuff, Product Body, of course! And others.... psst...I just linked to all 3 of her soap packages because all 3 are giving away a free soap bar. :)

I also picked personal items that I use like butcher block, nail polish, a French press coffee maker and a tweezer....I mean, these are great products, why not share the goodies with my peeps?

Then there is equipment I use in my formulary: KitchenMaid stand mixers, hand blenders and digital scales.

Finally, I have listed crafty stuff which I use all the time for wrapping soaps or creating gifty type stuff. There is some really interesting things there like zinc gift tags that you can write on with chalk and reuse! Also, designer packing tape and envelope wraps and ribbons to name a few. Cool.

I'll be adding a gorgeous robe in a few days and other nifty things periodically, so keep coming back and taking a peek.



Schaum-Paradies said...

This is a really great soap design :-)

The summer is coming....


Anonymous said...

Kewl! Hey, I don't see it on your side bar, so can you put it there so that we can find it easily whenever we're in need to shop for things you recommend? Thanks, doll!

Joanna said...

Teresa, it's big and red and says, "Come in, shop Open Sky!

Naiad Soap Arts said...

Your shop has so many cool (and useful) items! Love the packaging merchandise!

Teresa said...

Loves ya right back!

Anonymous said...
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Andy Cairns said...

Hey, this looks great. I wanted to buy some of your soaps for my girlfriend (yes, OK, for me too!) but it looks like you don't ship to Europe.

What are the chances of that changing in the future?


Joanna said...

andy, you can go to my site: We ship to Europe!

Anonymous said...

Well, I need glasses? Yes! ;) Thanks! xoxo