Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Coconut Challenge Winners!

The Winner is..... drum roll, please

Amber from Amber's Ambry!!

coconutty goodness hot process soap

Amber's soap was the clear winner. Even though her soap's coconut had a slight lemongrass hint to it, it smelled the most like coconut to me. In fact, it was so yummy, I almost keeled over when I cracked that baby's paper wrapper back! She sprinkled some real coconut on the top, which added some visual appeal, but don't think the eye candy stole me away. It was the smell that won me over. Also, if you take a closer look, you can see the sections of darkness here and there throughout the bar. It almost looks as if the bar was toasted a bit. Overall, the bar is a winner and I am ready to go take a shower with it.

As the winner, Amber will receive 2 months of advertising on The Soap Bar for FREE!

There was a tie for the runners up slot.


Debbie Chialtas, of Soapy Love, for her creative coconut shaped soap. Take a look:

Soapy Love coconuts

Debbie will get 1 months advertising for free on The Soap Bar blog.

All of the straight coconut scents, as I had feared, left me wanting more, desiring that nutty milk that I could almost smell but that turned into a plastic-y sad something else. The soaps smelled very nice, but all of the soaps that I received had a common cousin, so to speak. Do not get me wrong. Every soap smelled good. Just not quite like a coconut..... Like the inside of a Mounds.

You know what I mean.

Here are the lovely soaps that came to my door. Every soap maker was kind enough, brave enough and generous enough to get their bars to me for the challenge and I take my fancy hat off to them. Thank you, thank you.

di Palermo Body

Burnt Mill Candle & Soap

Sturgis Soap Factory

Alchemic Muse

Paradise Body Shop

Body By M

La Bella Donna

Polka Dots and Posies

Bubbles Variety Shoppe

Thank you, nuts!


Soapylove said...

Thanks so much for selecting my soap as a runner up!

I totally know what you mean about the "Mounds" scent. It's tough to get a realistic coconut fragrance. Plus scent is so subjective. I'm glad that you found a true stand out!

Thanks again and I'll enjoy advertising on The Soap Bar some more!

Paradise said...

Wow, all the soaps look awesome!

Except mine! LOL I didn't have a true coconut soap so I had to make a single bar with the FO I had in mind lol.

Joanna said...

Soapy, yeah. mmmm, mounds.

paradise. I disagree. I think your bar is simply beautiful!

Amber said...

Thank you!!! I am honored, although Southern Soapers should get the credit for making such a lovely scent. :)

All the soaps look so beautiful on the windowsill!

Paradise said...

Joanna, you're sweet lol

Any idea on how my coconut rated in the coconut scale? It'd help me figure out if I should introduce it as such.

bodygoodies said...

aww thanks joanna :)

you know.. i have to wonder, if the hot process vs. the cold process has something to do with the scent changing. ive tried so many different coconut scents and none of them end up smelling quite right. even if they smell great out of the container. ....seems that once they make it to the soap they get that.. like you said, odd plastic smell that ends up in the bar somehow? makes me wonder if the heat from the cp method vs adding in fragrance as such with hot process has the potential to change the final result of the coconut fragrance. just a thought.... :)

anywho, great post and thanks for the 1 mo!! :)

Amber said...

bodygoodies - I've used Southern Soapers' Thai Coconut (the one I entered) in both hot and cold process soap and it performed very well for me in both methods. The first time I used it was in a CP batch and it still smelled very realistic. Hope that helps!

Amber said...

bodygoodies - I completely forgot to say how much I loved your little embedded coconuts!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Congrats to Amber! She's a new discovery for me, and I'll be buying that soap soon:)

Congrats to the runners-up. That actual coconut-looking soap is genius!

I'll be heading over to Southern Soapers to score that Thai Coconut!

di Palermo Body said...

Thanks for posting the soaps. It was a fun challenge and I loved looking at all the entries. I agree that a truly realistic coconut scent is hard to come by. I can't wait for the next challenge. Thanks again Joanna.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

yay Amber!!

this was a great contest I do know it is hard to find a great coconut which is probably why I have yet to sell a straight coconut bar myself. Now I am off to check out that scent as well.

Amanda said...

Congratulations, everyone! Thanks for the opportunity.

alinadel said...

Congratulations for all soapers! Great soaps and a great contest! I am sorry I can't smell the soaps lolol

bodygoodies said...

ahh i just love this happy little soap family here!

thanks for the info amber :) you know.. i guess i forgot to mention that i was on a search for a coconut scent that wouldnt change the bar to brown. eh. that is hard to find, as well as a good scent! *sigh*

anywho.. congrats to amber and debbie!!! and thank you guys for the complements on the lil coconuts.

all of the entries are great, i love seeing the unique artist talent in each of our products. good stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Amber, Debbie, and Heidi, and everyone else who was adventurous to enter! =)

Hah! I already bought a bar of Amber's soap...nyeah, nyeah!

sherrieg said...

Congratulations to Amber and the other winners - I, too, love the windowsill photos. It makes me want to run to the kitchen and make a dozen batches of soap. :)

Elaine said...

Congratulations, Amber! Thanks JoAnn for the contest!...and most of all thanks for telling us about Southern Soapers Thai Coconut....was the real coconut on top also sprinkled with fragrance?

Missy said...

is it wrong to want to eat the coconut shaped soap? :)

For all things fashion:

Anonymous said...

I am so late following up on this contest. I saw it right when Joanna announced it, then got side tracked when our warehouse catastrophe occured. Joanna even poked me on twitter and I never even felt it!

Congratulations to ALL of the entries, the soap designs and unique artistic expressions are just stunning. This is what I love about soapmaking! The wide array of results from the many ways to express our creativity.

Congrats to the Winner, Amber.. and Congrats to the rest of you.. because really you are ALL winners, :)

Kelly Bloom
Southern Soapers

Anonymous said...
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