Friday, October 9, 2009

Ahhhh, I Seeeee

photo credit: Acai Berry Discovery

Naaah, It's Acai. (ah-sah-eee) Not only does it taste fantastic is a fruit smoothie, but it's good for you, too.Acai berries are beautiful, are good for you and are packed full of antioxidants which are both good for your insides and good for your skin. Some of these soaps actually have the berries in one or another in them. If you like just the scent, great, but if you want the topical benefits, seek out the actual acai berries in the ingredients.

Here's the Acai soap porn of the day...

The first one I found was from Charlene of Bathhouse in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Look how pretty those two colors go together!

antioxidant power punch soap chunk - acai, pomegranate and raspberry
by tashamspa

Acai and Mangosteen Dead Sea and Alean Sea Salt Bar
By Mountain Mama Chic

Hibiscus and Acai Luxury soap
at VI (Virgin Islands) Locally Grown Market

I couldn't find too much out there, but honestly, I didn't spent the kind of time I normally do to bring to your the soap porn you SO deserve every week. It's been crazy-busy in my life for the past week. It'll still come, perhaps in small bursts and bubbles.

Ta for now!


Abahna natural soap said...

I love the soap bars you got here!

kat said...

yummm. I like 'em!

Kim C said...

Beautiful! I actually prefer these soaps to the ones that look like bake goods.

Anonymous said...

I do hope life will get less crazy - with business still keeping brisk - for you.

And thanks for the taste of acai porn!

Charlene said...

i love this! i want to lick the screen.