Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soap Shy

I have been getting a lot of I'm scared to send you soaps comments from soapers on Twitter. Why? Am I scary? I don't write bad reviews, do I? If I don't like a soap, I won't write the review. I hate to bad mouth anyone who owns their own business. You're a soap professional. Oh yeah, I use soap everyday, that makes me a pro. Hmm. Really folks, I am not scary. If you give your soap away or if you sell it, then you are ready for a review. You know you are probably more critical about your work than anyone else. You are your best critic. I know that I am! If a formulation isn't quite right, I won't let it leave. I'd have to do it over because I'd think to myself: Would I want that?

If you were making a sweater for someone and there is a big snaggy loop in the front when you are all done, are you going to give it to the person before you fix it? No.

So I am just saying, don't be scared of me. I don't bite...very often... and the economy is rough. Reviews and press can be hard to get, and if I can help anyone get recognition, then let me help. We could all use a lift!

Just remember, no lavender, no pacthouli, no sandalwood... ;) If you send those, I'll have to include them in a give-away. Hmm, not a bad idea with the ones I've already received.



Body Language Soaps said...

HAHAHA!!! I'm sorry, but I found this post hilarious! I don't know why soapers find you scary! I think it'd be an honor to be reviewed by you! (and I agree, no Lavender, Patchouli or Sandalwood!)

Joanna said...

body language, wait, have I reviewed your soap?

Parrish70 said...

I enjoy your reviews Joanna and have discovered and bought soap because of them. =) Oh, and you can send me ALL of the Lavender, Patchouli, and Sandalwood! Those are my most favorite scents and usually the ones I buy first. =)

FuturePrimitive said...

i'm gonna send you some soon! I do however, love lavender & patchouli..and sandalwood is ok.
Best remember that when sending!
lemon? beach breeze? almond milk ok?

Body Language Soaps said...

Not yet. Remind me AFTER we finish up our move, & I'd be thrilled to send something in. No Fear Here!!! (so Julyish)

kat said...

I am actually surprised at your dislike for the classic eo's :D I haven't sent you anything since the change to sudstress. Maybe I should resubmit.... I just made a carrot juice based rosewood, patchouli & tea tree facial bar. You may never know it has patchouli unless I told you though. yummmm