Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Shout Out To My Sponsors

If you haven't noticed, I have opened up advertising on this blog due to the economy. (Pssst! To the right) I figure it's a win win situation. Some of you may want business exposure to all of you amazing readers (this is a really special group of folks!) and I could use a little extra pocket change myself.

This month, Supplies By Hello is our Top Sponsor. Daniela Maldonado owns Supplies, Hello Bath & Body Co. and has a blog where she talks about her great looking soaps. I ask you to take a moment to check out our sponsor's links to see if there is something they offer that you might be interested in.

Here is a picture of her gorgeous soaps that I just pulled off of her blog. Simply stunning.

Daniela is very nice and I am eager to try her soap
and her oils!


Heidi said...

Hello! Those soaps are amazingly beautiful!! Such a work of art.

Michelle said...

I think this is the first soap stamp that I really loved the look of and would buy just because of it. She makes beautiful soaps and that stamps adds to it!