Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smell Before You Buy? NO WAY!

"A sniffy is a cotton swab very lightly dipped in an aromatic material. It is usually enough to get to know a new aroma and have some idea of how it might blend with others. "
Supplies By Hello is offering sniffys for free!

Every customer (or potential customer) is allowed two sniffys per calendar month! So if you don't know what Geranium oil from Egypt smells like and what a sniff, then get a sniffy from Daniela. I know I will take her up on this. There are a couple I have been very interested in but am too nervous to commit to just yet.

What a great idea she had.


egassner said...

BrambleBerry does this too! You just have to send in a self address, stamped envelope per scent you want to sample. I don't think they have a limit of sampler per month either!

innerearthsoaps said...

A fantastic idea. I know I've been disappointed in the past when receiving FOs that weren't what I expected.