Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm sorry, every time I see that name I think of Stallone screaming "Stelllaaaaa!" You know the movie, and if you don't, you were born way after me, so HUSH!

Kim Gonzaga of Stella Marie Soap is a talented soap maker indeed. First, I'd like to say that I think this woman has style, humor and an all around umph that many do not possess. The style of her soaps, her packaging and website are perfect. Love the rubber duckies on the website, Kim! The packaging is minimal but that does not equal boring. The soap wraps are colorful and simple and displaying the Stella Marie logo, which I like.

Big Poppy

Mild mango. Poppy seeds. This soap was a lovely addition to my shower. I imagined the poppy seeds being rough on my skin (which I actually like sometimes), but they were sprinkled ever so gently into the soap mix. Soft exfoliation and possessing a wistful scent of a mango flower, if one actually existed. It wasn't mango-like in a fruity way and it wasn't floral either. It had a combination of scents that was nose pleasing. Great soapy lather, too.

Butter Me Up

I wish I had taken pictures of this one (I pulled this photo from Kim's site). It was cut in an unusual way. It was long, perhaps, 5 or 6 inches long and cut on the thin side. Loved it. The smell was a creamy buttercream with a touch of honey. Very mild, lathered well and is lasting quite a long time in my shower.

Coconut (Rockaway)

Similar in creaminess as the Butter Me Up, but with an added coconut vibe. The top is embedded with shredded coconut, which I use as an exfoliant. It is a creamy coconut butter me up, yummy to use scent.

So check out Kim's Stella Marie Soap and read her blog. She is a soap making guru. Love the Joan Jett soap from a distance, as you may have read in my previous post. Can't wait to try that one, too!


02145 said...

Oh, Joanna, you are so kind! Thank so much for your lovely review! Joan Jett soaps are on the way this week!!!

Bella said...

Kim's soaps are beautiful...Joan Jett soap, I'll have to go see.

I wear Stella McCartney perfume...and I am to the point where I hate for people to ask what I have on..because before I can stop it out comes...STELLLLAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

And some of us are old enough to think of Marlon Brando saying that when we see the name...but we won't go there. ;)

As I said yesterday, her soaps sure are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

soaps have transcended to a new level. Thanks to this blog, I have a new appreciation of how soap can look and feel. What a delight. And by the way, baby, it wasn't Stallone, it was DeNiro yelling Stelllllllla in Raging Bull. Love ddl

Heather@Twin Birch said...

That is stunning suds! I'm in bubble love!

BTW girls, it was Marlon Brando in "A
Streetcar Named Desire" See... I'm older than all of you. (only 40, though!) :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

ok, everyone, you are right that I am wrong. Heather, Brando it is. Pardon my bad memory. I blame it on age. I'm 37 and I have UNofficially been senile for 10 years, so my references are often jumbled. This is why I have to count on you guys (Heather) to keep me straight. Thank you!

Ok, STELLLLLA!!! (Brando)

Heather@Twin Birch said...

My pleasure! ;) I actually had to ask my girlfriend, Amy. I was thinking it was Ryan O'Neil (?!)

LoveMichie said...

The coconut rockaway looks so good I want to eat it! Soap tastes disgusting though, lesson learned.