Friday, March 7, 2008

Cupcake Video

Bakerella is a great blog and I visit it every week. She recently posted about an artist: Cakespy and artist who makes cupcake drawings. This inspired Bakerella to make a video. Enjoy it.

ps: Bakerella's writer also writes Lovely Little Cakes, a dessert blog that has all inspiring photos that will put inches on your waist immediately!


Jill Q. said...

OMG - so cute!!!!!!!

Teresa (was ShadesOfGrey) said...

D'oh! Now, I'll have to actually exercise to maintain my waistline...but it's well worth it to see all those scrumptious and tempting goodies in Lovely Little Cakes. ;)

Teresa (was ShadesOfGrey) said...

And that is one adorable video!