Thursday, March 13, 2008

Discontinued Graham Cracker Fragrance

I am pretty sad. I bought this great smelling fragrance oil, called Graham Cracker fragrance oil from Majestic Mountain Sage sometime in November and didn't try it until batch #2, so I went back to MMS to buy a bunch of it, because I had a whole plan about doing a Graham Cracker themed gift set for the Summer (graham crackers are in Key Lime pie and in S'mores), but I couldn't find it on their website. This morning I called them. Well, apparently, it has been discontinued and it is their very own blend so the only way to get it back would be to purchase 25 or more lbs. of it. 25 pounds?!?! The closest I have come to the scent is Brambleberry's Carrot Cake, but it lacks the nutty butter smell.

Oh no! I just looked at their site and it is a Limited Edition too. I better try it in my next batch of soap to see if it compares and grab some before it goes to 10 pounds.

On the topic of discontinuing fragrances, Brambleberry discontinued a fragrance I was ready to get, too! It was Mango Lassi (I love lassi's at Indian restaurants on 6th St.) The nice thing is that they will make a 10 lb. jug for you. Better than MMS. I can not justify ordering 10-25 lbs. of one scent, though. What if people don't like it?

If anyone has a bunch of this Graham Cracker fragrance oil from MMS, I'd be happy to buy it from you!


egassner said...

have you checked eBay? I noticed there are a few on there in 1oz size and I'm sure you could ask for a larger quanity....much less than 25lbs! I'd even email the sellers to see where they get their supply....maybe someone bought from MMS

LoveMichie said...

Yes, I'd check ebay as well! The graham cracker fragrance sounds positively delicious, I wonder why they discontinued it?

Anyway about Mango Lassi, Jude and David from Aussie Soap Supplies stock Brambleberry fragrances.

I know they're in Australia but I thought it might help anyway :)

Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

has it, skin safe and a decent price

LoveMichie said...

Save on Scents has it too! graham cracker fragrance :D

Joanna Schmidt said...

The name ... hmmm. I wonder if it smells the same. I'll have to try all of them just to get the right one.

Thanks, Soap Queens!!

Sandy said...

Ack, I hate when that happens.
You might want to try Ginny at Florida Soap Supplies. She carries a yummy Graham Cracker fragrance oil.
Good luck on your search!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm wondering if a touch of a Chocolate fragrance might help with the warming, nutty note? I know some Chocolate fragrances smell like they have nuts in them.

We'll end up discussing Carrot Cake's "fate" so to speak in the next three or four months and make a decision about moving it permanent or not. At least 10 pounds is better than 25, right? =) I'm super glad you like it.