Friday, June 29, 2012

Whimsical Cubes

My Beach Seduction Salt Soap Cubes

Sea Mist Salt Soap Cubes by Soaperstar (i am handmade)

Soap Cubes by Steamboat Soap

Pink Frosting by Eco Chic Soaps

I ordered soap cube molds because I like my salt soap like that.  And it is easier to NOT cut them....So darn CUTE.  I love all of these!



Celine Blacow said...

Awwwhh thanks so much for featuring my Sea Mist ... I can't wait to play again with the next batch and yep, I choose my mould cos a) I love cube soap but b) I hate cutting it like that!! Cannot wait to see yours!

TheSoapGallery said...

Those cubes look pretty amazing!

Heather Walls said...

I CAN'T believe I never thought of using a mold like that for salt bars! I love the pictures and thanks for the idea. You're right, cutting them is no fun :(

Anne-Marie said...

What an excellent selection of salt soap cubes. I'm super digging the cowboy packaging! =)

Amy Mekelburg said...

All of them are gorgeous!

linda said...

I never have tried the soap cubes but you have very nice looking homemade natural soaps

Anonymous said...

I have a question. How do you keep it warm while it is gelling for the soap cube mold? The wood rectangular mold is easy to keep it warm; plus it is big. Do you keep it warm the same (blanket cover it)? Do the mold have or not need a top? Sorry for the question, but I want to make it in different shape. Where did you get that mold?
Thanks. A fan of your blog!


Kushmoma said...

These look so good. I must resurrect my cube mould and have a go.