Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinky Swear

I have received a few soaps from a couple of you and reviews are underway on paper, but while you wait, I thought you'd enjoy some soap porn.  ;)

Today's theme?  Well, pink, of course!  It's happy, cute and feminine.

Platypus Dreams:  Pink Chiffon

La Belle Aurore:  Pink Petticoat
The Happy Housewife and Her Soapy Obsession:  Pink Cupcake Soap

How Do I Make Soap Blog:  Frosted Pink Tree Soap Tutorial


Mossy Creek Soap said...

Mmmmm, they all look so good! Now I am hungry! The patience, thought and time they put into these beauties is astounding.

Beth said...

True artistry! I could never get layers that straight like Platypus did.

Anne-Marie said...

They are all so pretty in pink, thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

They are sooo pretty! Pink is my favorite color! Thanks for including my soap tutorial! You know I love your blog!

Gregory White said...

I tried making whole cakes from soap years ago but I have to admit they didn't look all that appetizing. These are really some great looking works of art. I'll just have to be content with making good soap for the skin, naked and low in fashion. :)

Handmade soap said...

Love the frosted pink tree soaps! Very clever so come up with such unique desins!