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Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank You David Fisher

I get the newsletter of David Fisher's soap and candle making column in my email once a week.  This past week he talked about how to make a Salt Soap which I had already been making for years, but he talked about using less salt as an option.

It came at a pretty specific time where I had been thinking that my bars were too laden with salt because when I cut them, they got a bit crumbly.  I love sea salt soap.  It soothes, conditions and feels all around fantastic on my skin.  It wakes up my pores, cleanses them and I feel glowey.  It doesn't do that for everyone, because my husband hates them.  Says it makes his skin itch.  I don't understand that.  I've never heard that from anyone else.

I have been making salt soap by using the same amount of oils to salt, so yesterday I made a test batch of salt soap but made with 80% sea salt instead of 100% salt to oils. Instead of one hour in the oven on and one hour in the oven off, I tried 1 1/2 hrs in oven on - 1 1/2 hrs in the oven off  and then waited 30 minutes before cutting.  They were not that different to cut, a little smoother.  We'll see.  I go back to my studio today or tomorrow and I will be able to tell once they have had the chance to cool completely.

I love the idea of using less salt to change the consistency of the soap.  Next week, I will try a 50% salt-oil ratio and see what I like the best.

What's your favorite salt-oil ratio?


Topcat said...

I have only made 80% salt to oil ratio so far and have varied the oils and their proportions. Of course, I use coconut oil as the highest amount to get a decent lather. I know several soapers who love the 50% option so I have that on my list of things 'to do'. I think the lower the salt %, the more you can add in conditioning oils and still achieve a nice lather. Have fun playing! :)

Joanna Schmidt said...


Bobbins and Balms said...

i rarely make salt soaps, but when i do i use 80% salt and the slices come out really really smooth, not crumbly at all.

Amy Warden said...

I know when I started doing some research on making salt bars for one of the challenges, I was surprised that several people made theirs with less than 100% salt to oils. I did 3 test batches for the challenge and left the ratio of salt to oils at 75% on all of them, but changed SF and other ingredients. My favorite performer was the one made with beer as 100% of the liquid and 20% SF.

My husband hates salt bars too. :)

leslie chung said...

it is fun to make soap,its useful information for a beginner like me.thanks

DIY Handmade soap said...

wow,awesome handmade soap,is great to have one.

Ksenija said...

I have to say that I understand your husband Jo! I almost hate (although I cannot really use that word for soaps without feeling guilty) salt bars! I tried 80%ratio on my soaps and did not like it. I also tried several other soap makers' soaps and also did not like them. My skin feels super itchy after and there is no lotion or cream to soothe that. It dries out completely my poor, white skinny and I get left with a dry snake pattern after 30 minutes or so.