Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair Ivy

Fair Ivy specializes in the joy of the surprise—They send cute mystery packages to their customers once a month. They find the most unique, fun, luxurious and kooky items, and nestle them together into an exciting package that is delivered every single month! A large portion of the items are handmade, and their packages are additionally as eco-friendly as possible, using crinkle paper instead of styrofoam to protect all of the goodies.

You never know what you are going to receive, but you always know it is going to be crafty and unique. There are packages for everyone—girls, women, men and even cats and dogs!

Look at the cute names for each of the sections of their catalog. Fun Ivy, Fair ivy, Fred Ivy and Fur Ivy:

Check out their surprises here:
Also, check out their blog:

Aren't these the sweetest pictures of yummy samples of goodies? I love the wrapping on all of it! So much time and effort went into making it so presentable and perfect.



misty - fiercelooks said...

how fun and's great to look forward to a GOOD surprise every

Sarah said...

Sometimes I have trouble figuring out what gifts to give people. This idea is perfect!

Anne-Marie said...

Such cute packaging! I love Fair Ivy too and am totally addicted =)