Saturday, July 30, 2011

Destash! Come N' Get 'Em

UPDATE (August 21st: some are still available)

I have a ridiculous amount of essential oils and fragrance oils hanging around. Most of them I actually use, because I blend my own scents. I need to get the ones I am NOT using out of here. I recently moved my soap lab to a new very air conditioned location (thank you, coldness!) and I had to go through my oils to make room. Hopefully my decisions to rid will be great for some of you!

I will list all of the oils I want to sell and the prices they are for sale for. Email me what you want to purchase and I will calculate shipping to your destination and send you a paypal money request. Remember in your email to give me your address with the postal code and if you live outside of the States, give me your full address so I can calculate accurately. My email address is jo(at)productbody(dot)com.

I'll be doing this in order of supplier. Here goes.

Aroma Haven (AH):

Lemon Meringue Pie, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00 - sold
Monkey Farts, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00
Lilac, 1 oz, AH (never used): $2.00 -sold

Brambleberry (BB):

Gingersnap, 1 oz, BB (never used): $2.50 - sold
Herbal Essence, 4.5 - 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Beau Brummel, 4.5 - 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Mango! Mango! 8 oz, BB: $7.00 - sold
White Ginger & Amber, 4 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Blueberry Delight, 5 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold
Cranberry Fig, 1 oz, BB (never used): $2.00 - sold
Carrot Cake (CANDLE F.O.), 8 oz, BB: $5.00 - sold

Camden Grey (CG)

Coconut, 1 oz, CG (never used): $2.50 - sold
Lime Margarita, 1 oz, CG (never used): $2.50 - sold

From Nature With Love (FNWL):

Black Tea, 8 oz, FNWL (never used): $16.00
Chai Tea, 8 oz, FNWL (never used): $14.00 - sold

Majestic Mountain Sage (MMS):

Vanilla Musk, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $2.25
Vanilla Cream, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $2.25
Basil Essential Oil, 1 oz, MMS (never used): $4.25

New Directions (ND):

Hawaiian Plumeria, 1 oz, ND (never used): $1.50 - sold
Margarita, 1 oz, ND (never used): $1.50 - sold

Peak Candle (PC) - these FOs are body safe:

Georgia Peach, 7 -8 oz, PC: $5.00 - sold
Cranberry Citrus, 1 oz, PC (never used): $1.75 - sold
Downy Fresh, 1 oz, PC (never opened): $1.75

The Scent Works (SW):

Just Ripe Bananas, 1 oz, SW (never used): $3.50 - sold

Southern Soapers (SS):

Black Mission Fig, 5.5 oz, SS: $5.00 - sold
Lemongrass & Sage, 3.5 oz, SS: $3.00 - sold

Sweet Cakes (SC):

Bobbi Brown Beach 1oz, SC (never used): $4.00 - sold
Fig, 8 oz, SC: $14.00 - sold
Plum Spice, 3 oz, SC $6.00 - sold

I also have 4 oz of petitgrain essential oil that I bought from a fellow soaper that arrived in an unmarked bottle. I don't know the supplier. I opened it to smell it and haven't used a drop. I don't particularly care for it. $12.00

I will respond to your emails over the weekend. First come, first served, my dearies.....

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