Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mint Chocolate by Lavande

Susanne Schlador of Lavande de bois in Boise Idaho

I've had a few of Susanne Schlador's soaps in my bathroom for a few months, and it wasn't until Monday that I whipped out the Mint Chocolate Chip soap bar when my husband was in the shower hollering, "Jo, for someone who makes soap and reviews soap, why isn't there any soap in the shower!? I am soapless over here!" I grabbed a bar I knew he wouldn't complain about and I instantly heard, "oooooooh....did you make this?" Nope, not me. "OOoooooh. Jo, you know when you get a soap and you rub it on your skin at first at there's an intitial drag? Well, this one doesn't have any! It's like slippery, right off the bat! Look!" And he opens the curtain and shows me how slippery it is on his hairy chest. Funny how men are like boys sometimes.

Later that morning, I take a shower and I am looking forward to experiencing the lack of drag and super slippy action. First, though, I am taken by the beauty of the bar. Sadly, I didn't photograph this one beforehand. What a supermodel! Sadly the photo on their website just doesn't express it's handsomeness. I may have to come back to you with the sliver just so you can get a close up.

The scent is mint chocolate, but not an ordinary peppermint like you'd expect. It's a soft and unassuming spearmint. The chocolate is mellow, too. It almost like I expected overkill with the name because I've tried overpowering mint chocolates before, but this one was mild and whispering in scent.

Its performance was excellent. Slippery, full of lather, moisturizing and it maintained its hardness. A real joy to use. Susanne, thank you for sending me your soap. It was definitely worth the wait.



Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

that one sounds really good
I am such a sucker for mint scents that I may have to try that one myself.

FuturePrimitive said...

that does sound good. though, i must say, i absolutely love the initial drag of a fresh soap!

Joanna said...

FP, I've never actually heard anyone say that. Hmmmm.

Burnt - you should give it a try...

Ten Digit Creations said...

Sounds Yummy! I love the mint scents too!!

Cibaria Soap Supply said...

I just happened upon your blog, and I'm glad I did! Brilliant concept - good to see more soap-related blogs out here.