Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Not Campbell's

I don't know why I had Andy Warhol on the brain or why the Campbell soup painting came to mind, but I thought it would be the perfect time to feature tomato SOAP today because of the weather. Last night Brad and I went driving out where there is nothing but orange groves. We were listening to music and the cicadas were singing SO LOUDLY, they almost drowned out the blasting music. More descriptions of the drive: large bugs slapped the windshield, the smell of moist dirt was in the air, the cool air was thick with humidity, and the sky seems larger than it was the smell of the night air got me thinking of Warhol. Connection? Your guess is as good as mine.

So it's Summer and tomatoes are red and juicy and are perfect with a touch of salt. Always have loved big fat, red tomatoes. I can eat them like an apple if I wear a bib or sit in a chair hunched over on a lawn. I am a Brooklyn girl but I visited my grandparents in the North Carolina mountains for the month of August every year. My grandmother had a tomato garden. :O) I digress. Here -

Tomato Soap made with real tomato

creamy tomato basil soap by Southern VT Soap
what I love about this one is that the soap has organic tomato puree from their garden

tomato garden made by Amber's Ambry

lycopene complexion bar made by Wenbee

(ok, it doesn't have actual tomatoes in it, but it does have the natural phytochemical + antioxidant, lycopene which tomatoes have an abundance of)

salty tomato soap made by SubEarthan Cottage (etsy)

confetti soap made with real tomato juice by SubEarthan Cottage (artfire)

I think they are all beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Amber's soap!! What a beauty! They all look wonderful and summery.

Maybe one year, I'll have to save some pulp when we're canning so I can try making soap with tomatoes. :>

Amber said...

Thanks for including my tomato soap! You made my day. :) Love your description of your drive too. *sniff sniff* I can totally smell it.

La belle Aurore said...

I grew up in a tomato field, my father growing tomatoes for living. My mother had endless use for tomatoes and so do I. A ripe tomato is the best soap ever by itself, crushed in the palm of hands, cleaning up paints, oils, you name it. My Handbook of a soapmaker on a budget... is out, it is an eBook of 42 pages of beautiful 35 handmade soaps made by me, in a period of 31 days, last month, and it is free for anybody who wants to download it. Have a look if you want : Take care,

innerearthsoaps said...

Lovely soaps.

Charity said...

Thanks for including my soaps!