Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Soap Stamp Crazy

I have been wanting a stamp for my soaps since I started selling my own.  Back when I had my retail shop, I had one made for me.  It was metal.  In reality, the letters were too small and made it difficult to read in the soap.  So I've waited until now to get one, and I'm just not that pleased with my options.  I was going to buy from Anhoki's etsy shop, but she and her husband, John, decided not to make them anymore.  (waaaaahh)

I wrote a post way back when on personalized soap stamps, which you could read about if you wish.  I shared a number of artist's stamped soaps there which are definitely worth looking at.

Well, now, I am stumped.  I could order from Owosso or Soap Equipment, but I believe they are quite spendy .  I found Bebe's Collection, but they are in Taiwan and I wanted to have it SOON.  I really love their style, though, if I do a totally custom stamp, it won't matter what their style is because it will just be a quality issue.  Their stock stamps are really cute, though and very reasonable!  See?
Bebe's Collection

As I was searching yesterday, I found this:  Ballyhoo Bath has a DIY soap stamp tutorial, which I may try, but I don't have the steadiest hands.  Great tutorial.  Great pictures.  I think anyone who wants to try their hand at making their own should go to her blog to check out her step by step stamp-making technique.  Here are some pictures:

finished product of a DIY stamp.  Beautiful!! 

then the process..

As mentioned in her post, she also suggests going to Tortuga Soaps as well as Instructables for other tutorials so that you can make up your mind which way you want to go.  Every soaper/artist has their own idea of how they want to customize and what medium they want to work with.  I have admired Ballyhoo's soaps from afar since I found them on the internet a year or two ago (?...memory is going O.O)

Now, if I could find some time, I may try this, but in the meantime, I'd like to find a custom soap stamp maker that is in the US, so shipping wouldn't be outrageous.  Or take a million years to arrive.

I also found Soap Impressions.  They do alpha stamp sets and custom ones, so I shall peek into that, too.  The more I think about it, the more I HAVE to have one!

Here are some soaps I think are stunning with custom stamps and alpha stamps:

Naiad Soap Arts

So there you have it.  My thoughts on the many ways to make a stamp and many places to get them.  What do you think?  Have you gotten one you love that I haven't mentioned?  



Celine Blacow said...

Stunning stamps and soaps too, I must organise one for myself.

If anyone is in the UK/Ireland/EU, check out Dave from Laser Cuts - or or email at

He does fantastic stamps and lip balm trays.

Briny Bar Soap said...

I've been wanting my own custom stamp too and found that same Ballyhoo tutorial. I wonder how well it would work out.

bbee said...

i always wanted a personal soap stamp too.
and yesterday i ordered one. but it´s a (etsy)shop in china. they told me it would take up to 4 days to make the stamp.
but i don´t know how long the shipping will take.

but i can tell you more about it when i got the stamp.

Joanna Schmidt said...

@Celine- thanks for the link!

@Briny- if you try it, let us know... :)

@bbee- yes, please do tell all and with pictures.

Judi Cox said...

I order from asian companies all the time - Taiwan, China, Korea and many others.. The shipping can take about 4 weeks, depending on how they send it. But so far, I've had *no* issues at all, mailing to, or receiving mail from any other countries.

I did ship something to Belarus right before Christmas and in late January it hadn't even touched down on the continent.. so we spent a couple weeks stressing on where it was and when it would show up. It was a large box, so we knew it couldn't get lost for too long.

I LOVE all the soap stamps. I always wanted one or three myself. I love making things myself (my husband made all but my first soap mold - which I made).. but I sometimes think having things custom made can be less stressful.

Judi Cox said...

One more thing... if you are making a stamp with resin, be absolutely sure you are using a mask - resin is some nasty stuff to breath, with very serious health risks.

Faith, Soaps and Love said...

My husband made mine! I am lucky to have a self employed mechanical engineer living with me! lol

Here is a sample:

Mozartiana said...

I love Erin's (naiad) soap stamp! The impression looks amazing on the soap in real! I know she ordered it from Soap Impression, but I consider their prices way beyond reasonable.
@Celine, thanks for the link! I found the store called HappyDIY on etsy, and they offer custom made resin soap stamps in the 4-10 USD price range. But, they are somewhere in China I believe...

DuhBe said...

Imagine my surprise, finding my Ballyhoo stamp tutorial while reading my favorite soap blogs today! Thanks Joanna, you made my day!

I've been playing with the idea of making the resin mold using a custom rubber stamp or embossing plate, press that into something soft and then pour the resin. But i don't have results to update the tutorial with yet. Just something for people to consider if you're afraid of your carving skills. The resin I used was really easy to work with and not nearly as bad as the VOCs that soapmakers deal with.

Luci a.k.a DuhBe a.k.a. Ballyhoo Bath

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Jo, thanks for the shout out and posting my photo!! What a shame that Anhoki is not making stamps any more. Mine is from her. There is a stamp maker and soap maker here in Spain called Omar. I have not used his services yet, but I hear he is very good. Here is his info:

Post photos once you get your stamp from wherever or if you make one!! xo Jen

Joanna Schmidt said...

Judi - thank you. :)

Faith, Soap...: nice!

Mozartiana: yes she does. I love Erin's design.

Duhbe (luci): Well, I admire your style, sweetheart! That is a good idea. Maybe I should just hire YOU to make my stamp! Ever thought of that?

Jennifer Y: Thanks! Omar's soaps are amazing. So are his stamps, but the more I think about it, the more I think I can do it.

Stc and Company said...

I ordered through Bebe Collection and sent the stamp to my skybox agent to the US before it came to Trinidad- total time approximately 12 days. See my blog for the soap stamp impression on my cold process soaps.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

I'm in the same boat and have wanted a custom logo stamp for ages. The problem is I was going to order from Anhoki but it can't be insured as I'm in Canada and on top of that I would have to pay import fees so I'm looking to order from someone in Canada. I found a Canadian supplier but they aren't cheap and they haven't gotten back to me on my second questions so will have to investigate further. I saw that tutorial too and may make my own in the meantime.

Thanks for the post. Good info.


Julia said...

I love stamps of Omar López from Spain.
Thanks for the post.

Soapchick said...

Hi Joanne, we use a guy here in Devon, UK, hes really great, very good price and quick turn around. Devon Stamps email or telephone 0044 1548 854385 I dont know if he ships outside of UK but its worth contacting him, he is very a very flexible one man band.

Joanna Schmidt said...

thanks everyone!

Sciarretta Farms said...

I have ordered from Bebe's before and their shipping is SUPER FAST! It took around a week (maybe even a little less) to get my items. So, I wouldn't hold them being in Taiwan against them at all.

Joanna Schmidt said...

I'm leaning towards BEbe, too.
:) Thanks

kathy said...

OWOSSO can produce and ship a soap stamp the same day you order it, if before 10am EST. Order on-line at You can gang your artwork to obtain a better price for multiple images.