Monday, December 19, 2011

Soap Travels Unveiled

These past two weeks have been incredibly busy here at the Product Body Headquarters.  Between life, filling and shipping orders and me getting a 2 day migraine that knocked me on my feet, I have finally gotten to Soap Travels.  I feel bad that I didn't get to it sooner, but it came at the busiest time of year for me.

Regarding Soap Travels, started by Cocobong:

Imagine receiving a little parcel containing three soaps from three different soapers. You get to choose one, replace it with one of your own creations and send it on its way again. This little parcel will travel around the globe, sharing your work with other great soapers.

Here are the contents of my package... they are all pretty and lovely:


 unwrapped except for Miss Julia's (cocobong) because it was too 
beautifully wrapped and I knew which one I needed to keep.

Julia guessed that I would choose Patti Flynn's soap and, indeed, that is the one I am keeping.  I have never had the pleasure of trying Patti's soaps, so I must confess, I have been curious to say the least.  I have tried Julia's soaps, so that was right out.  The Mianra one is absolutely gorgeous, but I had to pass because of The Flynn. 

I am now going to send this package across the world to the next in line for Soap Travels.  Hmmm, what bar to include.... I guess we'll all have to wait for that blog post.  I have a special soap I custom-made for a Palm Beach magazine that is quite pretty.... maybe I'll send that one along.  Made with Atlantic ocean water, coconut milk, banana and mango powder and blue and green mica. 

Once I try The Flynn, I will post again with my mini "review" - you must know, I know!

I have to say how honored I am to be on this list of soapers who were chosen to be part of this awesome journey.  

Thank you, Julia!


Zwerg said...

This would have been my choice as well(;-)
Can not wait to get the parcel here....
regards from germany

Annette said...

What pretty soaps in that parcel :-)
I'm so glad, too, to be part of this adventure.
Regards from Germany, too

Anita said...

Wow, those soaps look sooooo beautiful and gorgeous! I will have headache for not sure which one to keep, and let others go.... too difficult.

TeresaR said...

What a terrific and fun idea this Soap Travels is! Hmmm...I might have to steal the idea for other things handmade. :)

Swanee Noa Bonny said...

Hello, all of them are awesome.
Really difficult to choose one, for sure.
It's an honor to be part of the project too.
Regards from France.

Blanca said...

¡¡Unos jabones estupendos!!
Estoy deseando recibir el paquete.
Saludos desde España.

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Oh you lucky girl! I ordered from Patti during her anniversary year and was one of the lucky ones to win TRIPLE what I ordered. I enjoy her stories and scent blends. This is such a wonderful idea and I look forward to your review.
Michelle in NV

Maku said...

Una elección dificil de realizar...
Será estupendo leer las opiniones.
Un saludo
San Sebastián - Pais Vasco

T.A. Helton said...

Awesome! I would have chosen the same ;-) Can't wait for a review.

Cocobong Soaps said...

So much fun, Jo, and great post! This project is collecting people like crazy :)

Laura said...

Gorgeous soaps!