Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Morbid The Merrier is Making The World Smell Better

I have been wooed by Lysa Luna's products for well over a year and I am an addict.  Officially.

She is the owner of The Morbid The Merrier and creates some powerful creativity in her packaging, scents, and products.  I had the fortune of receiving a package from her recently which included Odditoria Sugar Polish in "Morton" and I LOVES!  It is almost gone and now I need a bucket of it.  I don't know what sugar she uses but let me tell you that its grain is fine and smooth... I would rename it Sugar Smoothing Scrub, or Sugar Smooth or something.  Of course, if I were really given the assignment to rename it, I would put more thought into it, but you get what I'm saying.  It is soft, luscious and amazing.  No greasy aftermath and totally handmade from scratch.

 Could you just DIE with that label?  I love EVERY label she makes (and she designs them all!)

I also received an amazing selection of perfume samples:

Amiya, Histoire Du Secretaire, IsabellaDhanya, Horseman, Paramour, Histoire Des Amoreaux and Histoire Du Professeur.  All unique, all sensational.  My personal fave is the Natali which is a chocolate, patchouli phenomenom.  Lysa is responsible for me now loving patchouli blends.  (Brad is none so happy, but oh well)

Here a pic of Horseman:

I need

The thing on my next order will be Morton's Lotion.  Yummo!

So onto Lysa's incredible talent beyond bath and body.  She makes jewelry, sculptures, cupcakes and other things and oddities.  I love everything she sells.  Check out THIS necklace that she has for sale, too, on her site:

It has a locket that she fills will the buyer's choice of solid perfume.  And it's only $68.00. 
ONLY, I say.  Work of art.  

In preparation to me writing this blog post, I asked her if she had a coupon code anyone could use if they wanted to buy anything and she is gracefully offering 10% off.

First you have to go through this link: 
themorbidthemerrier.com?code=humbug  It automatically takes off 10% of everything in the order.  Get it while you can!

The Morbid The Merrier is quality, unique and consistent.  And she wraps everything so beautifully.  Every package.



Artisan Soaps said...

I was just about to put an order in and suddenly remembered you mentioning TMTM before .. Glad I came to check out your thoughts - only now my order is growing beyond perfume samples.. Hmm, Thanks Jo?! :P

Laura said...

Love the labels.