Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cream Crunch... an unpublished blip from years ago

I played with a new soap today, being that I am waiting on WAY too many bottles of fragrances and essential oils.  I need to continue to make soap for the local wholesale customers, local folks, our online business and my personal holiday gifting stash.  What makes a good gift for out of town family members?  Real soap made by me, from me,  it's too perfect a plan and I'm sticking with it, because I have no time this year for my own shopping plans.  Too darn busy making gifts.  Which I love doing, btw.

I can't stop making soaps for the holiday orders but I am down to the dregs of bottledom.  I've just made so much.  (feels good). ... It I had to make some.  I was at the lab and I felt the soap-addict-lure.  Whipped up a conditioning velvety yet exfoliating batch with ground oatmeal, bentonite clay, crushed walnuts shells, buttermilk, shea butter...

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