Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wake Up!

I love drinking coffee so much that usually my first cup is gone after about 3 minutes. I started drinking it light and sweet, then in college drank it black and now I drink it with liquid Coffee Mate in French Vanilla. Hard to admit that, but I'm at the point of professional lazy first thing in the morning. My husband pre-makes the pot of coffee (thank goodness for him and his memory), so all I have to do is press a button for it to start percolating. I don't know how I came to love it so much. Maybe it's the darn French Vanilla "milk". I even crave coffee before bed. I could drink the standby decaf, but, coffee isn't GOOD for me, so what's the point of drinking it if it isn't doing its purpose, like waking my sleepy bones so I can make every one clean with the soap I'll make once I'm vertical!

I make a coffee soap: Citrus Black Pepper, which is one of my favorites, but it's curing until June 30th, so I won't include it. These below, however, are stand outs that your eyes may enjoy resting upon for a minute or two.

New Orleans Original Cafe Au Lait Soap by Sweet Olive Soapworks
"Wake up with the aroma of New Orleans French roast and chickory coffee topped with a dollop of milk for your skin!"

Venezia Organic Body Bar by Natural Logic
"Italian Coffee, Vanilla and Cocoa. Hand Milled. All Natural and Organic. VEGAN."
I loved reading the process in which Toni makes her soaps.

Organic Oatmeal and Hazelnut Coffee Bean Soap by The Sitting Tree
"The combination of oatmeal and organic hazelnut coffee beans makes for the perfect kitchen soap! The ground coffee gives off a wonderful aroma and gently exfoliates, while removing nasty odors like onion, garlic, and fish. The oatmeal gently softens and nourishes the skin."

Cigarettes & Coffee by Whole Truth
...chocolate, coffee, ginger and bitter almond? Sounds delightful....

Coffee Kitchen Soap by Veve's Handmade
"This vegan soap is a must have in every kitchen. This bar has a light yummy cafe mocha scent."

Coffee Butter Sugar Cube Scrub by Twin Dream Creations
These are made with soap, but they look like cookie dough batter to me! yum...

The Galley by Soque Co.
"Infused with Fair Trade Certified freshly brewed coffee and finely ground coffee beans. The scent of the coffee and the grounds help to remove funky smells and grime from your hands in the kitchen - think garlic, onions, that orange Dorito "cheese" that sticks to your fingers...We threw in some activated charcoal for it's detoxifying properties and some actual coffee butter for moisturizing."


Feenzauber said...

I just love your reviews and all the soaa porn....keep it up...what a wonderful and great blog. :-)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Love these photos ! I can smell the coffee and it is HOT !

Royal Suds said...

Oh coffee. It is my Second love. I could go on about it for days. I do like that coffee and cigarette soap. Sounds great

Caroline said...

Love it!
Just finished my morning 16 oz brew while enjoying this eyeful of gorgeous soaps!
Thanks for the include :)

Rose said...

I make coffee soap too but never like this!! where's the smell-a-vision when you need it :) truly inspiring...thanks!

TeresaR said...

Cigarettes and Coffee...LMAO!! What a great way to be "bad" without any harm to oneself. =)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Pretty soapies, I especially like the first one.


misty - fiercelooks said...

omg!! cigarettes and coffee soap!! JO, you ROCK for finding this...i smoke, and drink coffee....heaven

they all look amazing...muah

The Sitting Tree said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Organic Oatmeal and Coffee Bean Soap!