Thursday, June 9, 2011

Follow Up On My Day From Hell

My post "Burning Joanna" was sort of comical as I read it back to myself today. Yes, when one steps away from a flame, it's not so hot anymore, is it? I really appreciate the time you all spent writing your comments. I know it takes energy, but I felt the warmth come right out of the monitor.

Thank you for being so supportive and sweet... and thinking it was humorous, because it was, in retrospect. That first experience in the morning:

Clear "burn your skin off" liquid.
Screaming, "BRAD! Brad! Brad!"
Charges in.
To the sink.
To the sink.
To the sink.
Kill. Kill.
Soak it up.
Open cabinets. Wet.
Open drawers. Wet.
To the sink.
Skin stinging.

I'm not even going into the second part of my day. It's too exhausting to even think about it. I have good news, though! I took all that lumpy bumpy weird volcanic ugly soap into a crock pot because I knew the calculations were correct and I cooked that sucker for a long while, then I added some color later on, did the zap test and shoved it all into a fat mold. This morning, I cut it all up and this is what I found:

Hot Process Fresh Linen

Yielded 30+ bars. One of my wholesale customers (private label) has already claimed them as hers for the taking. Something good came out of the day, at least.

I haven't gone in the lab today. My crock pots are still needing to be cleaned and my lab sink is filled. I couldn't pull it together to go in there today. I worked administratively today. All day. I'll get back on my horse tomorrow.

I still feel stingy...


Cassandra said...

Way to make a come back Joanna!! AND you saved the batch of soap!

Carmen said...

LOL! Happy for your nice surprise!

Miss Polly said...

That's a great save!

Celine Blacow said...

Coo that's a save and a half! Them's are right pretty Ma'am! And all sold already? Now that is a RESULT!!!!

Poor stingy girl though x

Rebekka said...

I am glad it all worked out in the end but you gave us all a big scare here, please try and stay alive, will you??? I never knew not to prepare lye solution in glass... I always do, but I keep it in an ice bath and the water is frozen as well, lye added very slowly... no accidents so far. Hugz!

Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

"It was an amazing save by Schmidt in the bottom of the ninth!" -Wow, glad you turned your lemons into lemonade! :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Now the problem will be trying to REPEAT that recipe when your customer wants more of the best soap in the world ! I recently made an ugly batch that would not set up so rebatched and REBATCHED and it got uglier and uglier but the best scent and lather. Finally sold it as "Mud Pie Soap for little ones who hate to wash" Yeah. Sold out.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Your soaps turned out great. Something beautiful came from the ashes and all your pain and heartache. Congrats on someone claiming them as well as I'm sure it redeems your day somewhat.

I loved the way your recounted the day's events in short words, yet conveying all the meaning behind them.

I don't think people always realize how words impact others so profoundly. My job had a two day workshop for employees (I work at a big university) and one speaker confirmed a big decision I was contemplating. Then I went on a food tour where we were all treated to a $30 gift bag at the end. I'd had a root canal that week so I was just blown away by the generosity.


FuturePrimitive said...

never shuts one door without opening another eh? supercalifrag save JoJo! So glad you sold those suckers out already! x

Sarah said...

All was not lost! Hooray!

TeresaR said...

Ah, if only all recoveries could be as beautiful as yours! You're an inspiration, hon! It's nice to have a change of pace today, though, isn't it?

Bridget LeRoy said...

You can always tell people it was how Tyler Durden inducted you into Fight Club. Oops, I forgot Rule Number One.... xoxoxo