Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lookie What I Got In The Mail!

For some reason, my Photo Booth App is doing mirror images. Oh well. LongLeaf Soaps that I posted last week arrived in MY HOUSE!!! French Country Sunrise and Cool Vanilla Mint...

It smells, DIVINE....

More when I wash with it...
I am a happy bird.

Thank you, Linnea!

My skin will kiss you later.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you!

Long Leaf said...

Mademoiselle Joanna,
Appréciez votre retraite française de pays ; o) Mon CAD pleurniche que vous obtenez d'essayer une barre avant qu'il fasse!

(Ms. Joanna,
Enjoy your French Country Retreat ;o)
My DH is whining that you get to try a bar before he does!

pamela said...

I just LOVE the clean smell of this French Country soap!! I think it has become my new favorite...until a new one comes along.