Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Morbid The Merrier - Part One

Ms. Luna

Lysa Luna is the genius behind The Morbid The Merrier brand. She sent me an array of soaps and elixirs in the mail and every single one of them was amazingly fantastic! This isn't even just about soap, either. This woman is a master of lip balms and perfume oils, let me tell you!

First, I received 3 soaps: Peepshow, Menagerie and Natali, a lip balm, Harlot in circus peanuts, which I wrote about in this post raving about lip balms and some perfume oils.

I'm really kind of sad for you because the soaps that I first received from Lysa were from a while ago and I am going to rave about them (a lot) and you can't have any because she has no more of them, but she has others. You'll just have to beg her to make more Natali and Menagerie because she just has to. They are that good.

Lysa has an amazing way with scents.

I have something to admit. :( Peepshow is completely gone. I never had a chance to even try it and I have to apologize to Lysa and to the rest of you for this one. My daughter doesn't disappear with my things from packages that arrive that I need to review but she recently turned thirteen and somehow she's become a little holier than though. She was there when I opened the beautifully wrapped package and she oooooed and ahhhhhed when Peepshow was opened, she sniffed it and ran with it and said she needed a shower. I figured I'd get it back, but life got busy and then when I thought of it, she had used that sucker all up. My apologies to everyone. That will not happen again.

She has been warned.

Natali - Sweet, ripe orange marbled with creamy vanilla and a hint of sandalwood, cloaked in rich black chocolate.

Natali completely vanished quickly because I used it every morning until it was gone. My showers were extra long because that soap was a definite slice of chocolate heaven. The orange was less in the foreground and was more in the background than expected, but there was NO disappointment here. When I was in the shower, I swear I wanted to run my teeth down the soap and create teeth shavings right down the middle, but I knew better. I knew it wouldn't taste good, but my inner cave woman instincts really wanted it. Bad. The gold topping helped me keep myself in check. Although it reminded me of being a Queen or some sort of royalty and then sadly lured me back to thinking I could eat it again because as a Queen, fine chocolate is given as a gift often, yes?

Ok, ok.

menagerie - chocolate espresso and vanilla nut soap.
Oh yeah, yummo! I have this soap but haven't used it yet because I am enjoying it too much sniffing it daily at my desk. ;)

She also sent three perfume oils: Drosta, Fortuna and Natali.

drosta - dark pomegranate tea perfume oil
"Sugary, spiced black tea, infused with mint and lemon, on a base of musky polished wood."

Smelled delicious and complex, but perhaps a bit sophisticated for me... maybe it was the musk. maybe I'm not grown up enough. ;)

- "lime, lemongrass, coconut, a bit of sugar, and hints of floral."

I am a total coconut lemongrass freak! Of course, it's much more complex than that. I love this... Completely different from anything else she makes.

Natali chocolate orange perfume oil
"Sweet, ripe orange marbled with creamy vanilla and a hint of sandalwood,
cloaked in rich black chocolate."

Can you say, "I want to smell like a sophisticated real chocolate dessert please??"

Not only is everything well made, but everything is labeled with a great design and everything smells so damn good. Miss Lysa also packages everything as if each and every item is a present. This is a terrible picture, but you get the idea.....

This is from the second package Lysa sent me....I have not tried these items yet. so there will be another review... sooooooon. In this package:

Natali Moisturizing Bath Salts, Harlot lip balm in Sweet Cream, Funnel Cake, and Jasmine Tea, Voix De Ville Perfume Oil, Perfume Samples Galore, and Bailey Tobacco Wine and Berries soap.

So, do I like The Morbid The Merrier products?

Oh MY GOD yes yes yes, you betcha!

Find her and see what she's up to: and buy her stuff!

xo Jo


Anonymous said...

Love that name, love that look! The products sound fabulous too.

Julia said...

I also have ordered from her and I LOOOOOVE Menagerie; it's the perfect blend of chocolate and vanilla with a warm nuttiness to it MMM!

wissp306 said...

Ordered last week a couple of products, hoping to receive them next day or two, cannot wait to try products out, love the sound of everything.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

great review. she has great packaging!

Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Love the packaging, and the products are beautiful! The Drosta perfume oil sounds heavenly ... thanks for sharing this cool Etsy shop!

Monica said...

This looks are fantastic, Wonderful soaps.