Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Bloggers

I am working on getting some interesting people to guest blog here to change it up so I don't bore you to tears all summer. I have very few soaps that I've received as of late and I don't want to just pimp my own stuff as that would just get more boring than watching string blow in the wind.

I could attempt discussing my personal life, and that's fine with me, but I did a whole lot of that last year and I wonder how many people became scared to come back since then.

I have asked four people and I haven't heard back about when they might do a guest blog post, but if anyone is interested in sharing something here, I certainly am open to hearing about it. I think it would be great to expose the rest of us with an experience you had or a technique you learned either from someone else or through your own experiences, etc. I am open to photographs, collages, videos or any other way you feel would be the best way to describe your presentation.

This would be a wonderful way to connect to our soap community and share what you've learned and would give us the opportunity to learn something new from you! Please dig deep. We need you. Write to me at jo at productbody dot com xoxoxoxo

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