Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scrumptious Samplers That Are Heavenly

What is better when you can't decide what to pick and hate the idea of dropping dough when you aren't sure if you're going to like a scent or not? Soap samplers are the perfect solution! These are some very beautiful ones that I found today. (this was no easy feat!) I will start offering this as well. Everyone should. It is brilliant.


noncommittal by Dirty Sanchez DirtySanchez
I love the ingredients she lists: Soap, sarcasm, love, awesome.
Nuff said. =)

The Soap Sampler by Hartley Soap on Artfire

Extra large goats milk sampler by Lily Pond Soap
I like the tower and wrap

Soap Sample Pack by Fresh Cut Soap Co. in Australia
I just discovered their soap this evening and I really love the looks of them!

Want a gorgeous crinkled french fry? ;) These are so cute in a bowl! Misty, of Burnt Mill Soap has made her soap available in cute sample sizes. 10 oz. of soap for only $7.00. Deal of a lifetime. Her soap is great and is also some of the most colorful soap I've ever seen.

haus of gloi
sample 4 stack. You can choose from any of these scented soaps:
1. Satyr - Blood Orange - Black Vanilla
2. Lavender Sugar - Sweet Sugar - Lavender
3. Depravity - Golden Amber - Wine - Sandalwood - Coconut
4. Envy - Red Sandalwood - Basil - Bamboo
5. Absinthe! Soft Mint - Sugar Lump - Touch of Moss
6. Elevenses - Orange - Sugared Almond - Black Tea
7. Imp - Passion Fruit - Pink Grapefruit - Mimosa
8. Apothecary - Cedarwood - Rosemary - Lemongrass
9. Honey Tree - Honey - Black vanilla - Rare Woods
10. Madcap Garden - Black Tea - Honey - Sweet Green Peppermint
11. Aduwa - Ginger - Hot Cream - Coffee Grounds

I have some deep respect for this young soap artist. I don't know much about her, but I am ready to talk to her, pick her brain, check out her soap. She is going to be known, folks. If I lived in Portland, I'd ask her to meet me for coffee.

So what do you think? Shouldn't we all get one? Offer one? They are all so pretty pretty!!


Kim said...

I have been admiring haus of gloi from afar for some time. Simply gorgeous soaps. They make me want to draw a bath in a medieval castle in a huge old fashioned tub with several candles burning. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Samplers are a brilliant way to date before getting married to a soap! =)

I'm using one of Misty's (Burnt Mill) terrific soaps right now. Love the "fries".

Ruth said...

I've been thinking of offering samples like that, too. I already include free samples with orders, but I bet folks would like to be able to order a bunch at once.

And they look so nice all piled up.

Robbin said...

those scrunchy crinkly french fry soap samples are DARLING! great pics, too. :)

Jaime said...

Thanks for including my Goat's milk sampler! They sell very well online and off. A must have for any soaper.
-Jaime owner of Lily Pond Soaps

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

thanks for featuring my soap sampler fries :P

it is always interesting to see how everyone presents samples

they are such a great way for people to try out soaps and scents from soap makers.

thanks again

Mariad said...

I love soap samplers and am currently using one from tamiamitrails. For soapmakers thinking of putting one together, I'd recommend sample bar sizes of 1-2 ounces. Samples much smaller than that can be hard to use and don't really give me a good idea of the soap. I often find myself interested in scents that I wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

Mariad I went back and forth on what size to make mine. If I cut some smaller then you get to smell and try even more. I tend to do a variety of them some smaller and some bigger.

maybe I will try to lean more on the bigger side now :)

Mariad said...

That's just my personal preference for bar size, I'm sure there are just as many people who like to try as many scents as possible, even if the bar size is smaller. A mix sounds like a good compromise.

britton said...

I totally join you for coffee, I looove geeking out about soap ... And thank you for the super sweet words!

Pick my brains anytime! ;)

Body Natural Soap said...

Wow what a timely post for me. I had just decided to do this. Love the unique way soapers come up with on packaging. The tower and crinkle cut is awesome.

Suds Handmade Soap Co. said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the crinkle fries sampler. What a unique idea! I agree, the 1-2 oz sample sizes are ideal. While the smaller pieces can work well as sniffies, it sometimes doesn't allow for the true experience of the lather.