Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ode To Le Noggin

Halloween is so much fun. Not a big fan of death, but I love skulls, always have. OF course, it was really pretty easy to find Halloween appropriate soaps being that you can't go anywhere nowadays without seeing spiders and webs and orange and black in every window already. What IS THAT!?

I am just not with it like the rest of you. I am barely out of summer mode. I still have sand in my toes. Is the Halloween decor hot the minute Labor Day is over? Is that the retail way? I am not up to the rules. Actually, I've never been one to follow the rules because I DON'T KNOW THEM. Like....never wear a seersucker suit, when? After Labor Day? Is THAT a rule? Don't where linen to a poker game? None of that nonsense makes sense to me, frankly. I say, wear what you want to wear. Who gives a flying faHOOT whether or not it's fashionable. Right? In any case, Halloween, doesn't bother me so much, because I love costumes, spiders, witches, skulls, and CANDY. Yummm.

So, I've got skull eye candy.

Found these cute mini soaps on Skull A Day which, if you have not checked out, you absolutely should.
I have his book, and I have spent hours just perusing the endless creations.

Black Skull Soap at Night Moth in the UK

Voodoo Jill Soap by Dancing Zebra
Blend of peach schnapps, apricots, oranges, and a hint of exotic flowers.

Skull and Crossbones Wretched Woolies Felted Soap by Persnickety Pelican
Honey + oatmeal scent

Absinthium Skull Soap by Bathtub Bling
A touch of fresh mint and a bit of sugar

Skull and Bones 5 lb loaf $70 by Primal Elements or by the bar for $8.50
Vanilla with caramel

Halloween (La Nuit) Shea Butter Soap by Sweet Petula
Amber combined with myrrh, vanilla and Egyptian musk.

Swashbuckler by Arcana Soaps
West Indies bay rum, scurvy-preventing limes and a dark blend of spices.
This soap can be purchased here

My work is done here. For now. ;)


Crystal said...

Joanna, you're killing me! Halloween is the best holiday and they should keep the stuff out all year round! Lol, just kidding, but I am a freak about Halloween and love seeing decorations for sale this early. Great soaps!

FuturePrimitive said...

getting seasonal stuff ready just puts me in panic mode, so i don't bother with it. if something makes your tummy go over and your ears fizz, leave it well alone i say. tho i do like looking at this stuff. that sweet petula made my insides go gooey..love that packaging.

Suds Handmade Soap Co. said...

I am loving the voodoo jill and swashbuckler from Arcana.... very cool! Now that the kids have gone back to school, I am feeling Fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving.... bring em on!

milk and cookeez said...

Im not a real fan of the spooky stuff-creeps me out, always has-always will. However, that Voodoo Jill soap is really cute. If you throw in some pink it isn't that scary. On the other hand-Absinthium Skull Soap really freaked me out!
Bring on the spookies!

egassner said...

Ohhh...Halloween is my FAVE! I love the wrappings on the Sweet Petula soap...very cool!

Dörte said...

Diese Halloween-Seifen find ich alle OBERCOOL.

liebe Grüße Dörte

Colleen Hickey said...

That sweet petula soap looks so cool! great post!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

love halloween! you sure found a bunch of cool skull soaps!

Anonymous said...
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