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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back To Mango Lassi For A Moment

I have ordered the "bulk order" of Mango Lassi from Brambleberry and have contacted the people who showed interest in purchasing some with me. If I haven't emailed you and you DID ask to get in on the buy or you are interested in a pound of Lassi, please email me today or tomorrow at jo(at)productbody(dot)com and I will see if we have room. I think we will.

OK, that's it for now!

Wow, that picture is making me very thirsty and needing some really good Indian food. Can someone send over their chef to whip me up something? ;)


Teresa R said...

Holy moly; that photo is making me thirsty too.

I will help out if and only if you still need someone to take more of that FO off your hands (otherwise, I'm under orders to not buy for a while). :)

Daniela said...

No fancy chef here, but whip up some lassi for yourself! It's especially delicious when you make it yourself and so easy to boot.

Amber said...


I must try one of these very soon!

Anne-Marie said...

Yippppeee! It's on its way.

Joanna said...


Do you have a recipe? I lost mine when I left college, oh so many years ago!

Daniela said...

I like to do 2 parts yogurt to 1 part liquid of choice (milk, skim, soy, water, etc.). Then the mango and sugar is to taste, really. If I'm using canned mango, I don't add sugar, but otherwise, I like a bit more sweetness.

So, say for about 4 servings, you'll need 2 cups plain yogurt, 1 cup milk, 2 ripe mangoes - thinly sliced or shredded, and sugar to taste. Then you just whisk everything together, or if straws will be used then the blended does the trick.

The MOST important part, however, is to serve it over ice. Cold lassi hits the spot just right! Man, now I am really tempted!

Joanna said...

Daniela, when I was in college, my recipe called for rosewater...for a plain lassi. Have you ever tried that?

mmmmm. I am going to try your recipe when I am not in bed with a migraine.

Daniela said...

A good deal of my favorite culinary experiences have involved rosewater in some way...

I am always too tempted to go for the fruit lassis, but yes, a couple teaspoons of rosewater adds that perfect je ne sais quoi to lassi.