Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Of Me

The point of divulging information about myself is because I think it's fun to find things out about people. Regarding politics? No, not at all. I hate knowing and I hate sharing. I don't want to know about which way people are voting and why. I care to not know. Yes, I prefer to stick my head in the ground with this one thing, please.

Perhaps sharing is a dreadful mistake, but of all the stupid and crazy things I've done in my life, I think I turned out okay. I am honest, fair and I always try hard to do the right thing in everything that I do. Perhaps to a fault.

SO, if I'm judged, then so be it. Here is PART ONE of my list of things about me.

I've seen a paraplegic woman on the boardwalk of Atlantic Beach lie on her stomach on some cot and play the Star-Spangled Banner on a keyboard with her tongue. Oh yeah. Pure culture and talent right there in Jersey.
I don't like beer.
Or whiskey.

I have funny ears.
I have never been stung by a bee.
I am 5'7" tall.
I weigh about 120 pounds.
I'm 38.
My shoe size used to be an 8.5 and now it's closing in on 9.5.
I wanted to be a cop.
I wanted to be a doctor.
I love food.
I love chocolate even more.
I love good wine.
I get migraines regularly. Probably from the chocolate and wine.
I have Crohn's Disease.
I hate most bras.
And traffic.
And long lines.
And when my kids fight.
I lost $125 in cash in the twenty seconds it took me to drive from the atm to the restaurant.
Epidurals do NOT work on me. Can you say natural childbirth against my will???
I like driving.
I like watching movies.
I have a lot of patience.
I hate sweating.
I went to High School in NYC.
I graduated from college in 1992.
I used to want to be rich and famous.
Now, I wouldn't mind being rich and famous without that bad stuff that goes with it.
I have lost 4 very close family members in three years.
I love making soap.
I love using soap.
I love getting soap as gifts.
I love handmade gifts.
I love sushi and Indian food and vertical food displays and steamed lobster with clarified butter. ohhhhhhhh.
My middle name is Rachel.
Christie Brinkley looks more beautiful in person than in any modeling picture I have ever seen.
I have vivid dreams every night.
I look forward to sleeping because it's a whole different world I visit and belong to.
I have three cats.
I used to own and ride a motorcycle in NYC.
I've been a bartender.
I've known my husband since 1985.
My birthday is July 11, 1970.
I used to be painfully shy.
I'm scared to get old.
I have a tattoo.
I want another.
I lived in an apartment where our bathroom was outside our apartment in the common hallway.
My first car was a 1978 Audi 5000 in chocolate brown, stick shift.
My second car got shot in the West Village in NYC while I was taking an acting class and I would get pulled over all the time after that and get asked why I had a bullet hole in my car. It was a big hole right next to my gas tank. I would shrug.
I gained 65 pounds when I was pregnant with my first child. Lost 60.
Gained 34 pounds with my second. Lost 24. Don't care.
At a wedding in the Hamptons a few years ago that I was attending, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. staggered up to me holding a glass vase with flowers and said to me, "They said we could take these." And raised his thick eyebrows and shook his head up and down (as if I was questioning him!). Did I look like I was hired help or coming at him with my finger outstretched and waving at him?

That concludes this part because I've exhausted myself talking about ... myself. I challenge all of you to take a look at yourself and perhaps try this ... yourself. On your blog if you dare. It brings back memories.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally fascinated by the facts about you, esp the anecdote about Kurt Vonnegut Jr. ;) Actually, I'm intrigued by the epidural fact...they won't take on me very well either, and it was pretty horrible giving birth.

Anyway, I apologize if I let slip much poli stuff. I don't generally let it show...I never sport bumper stickers or lawn signs (and I have magazines in the house representing all 4 party bents).

I'd kill to be 5'7" and 120lbs. ;>

Heidi said...

I love it!! Such an interesting life = )

Bummer about the childbirth! I can't believe you've never been stung by a bee...

I too would love to be 120. I'm ok with 5'3", but the 120 would be awesome = )

I'll try to come up w/ some of my own

Angie said...

I'm working on my own post for tomorrow. Be sure to come over and check it out! Oh, and my epidural didn't work either. worked on my left side but not my right.

Zularis Naturals said...

Wow....I thought I was the only one with epidural issues. They worked fine with all my friends. Had two of them...only the left side feels no pain. Weird. So, did you snag yourself a vase too? LOLOL

Heather@Twin Birch said...

Wow! Not to be creepy, but we have a lot of the same things on our lists!
That must be why I enjoy you so much!

The saddest thing in common is the migraines. I've been known to tear open bottles of Advil in the middle of a store and swallow 5 of them dry.(If I do that before the halo goes away, I can creep through the day without throwing up and going to the dark.) The best thing is prob. soaping! or wine! or that we're both cancers.... :)

xoxo Heather

LoveMichie said...

Thanks for sharing Joanne! I think I'll do what you said and write some things about me on my blog to share with you and everyone else :)

LoveMichie said...

*Joanna! Sorry, I was just on the phone to a Joanne hehe!

Carrie @ Under the Willow said...

Joanna~ It's no wonder your blog is soooo fun, interesting, informative, etc...

I wish, I wish, I wish I was 5 foot 7~ 120 lbs....

I'm a whole 5 foot 2...and oh lordy they say you get shorter with age. Yikes!

Leslie said...

Love your facts!!!!I could have written some of those facts for my self!!!God..I thought your favorite food is my banana bread!!!!LOL

Nell said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Your naked honesty is so refreshing and part of why I love you so much. Nothing in your world embarrasses or leaves you feeling ashamed. You are accepting of yourself and everyone else in your life. You are the most adorable and charming woman. You are also the least judgmental person I have ever met. I think you came into this world that way, because God only knows I can't take any credit for these great qualities. (And by the way, the epidural worked for me.) You are a natural, in the best sense of the word, with a heart of gold. I will always love you, Joey with all my heart. Momma

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

Joanna, I'm so glad you shared this link with me! You have had some of the coolest experiences! And I am so sorry that Epidurals didn't works for you, that had to be incredibly painful. I am all for having an epidural! I was also intrigued by "Crohn's Disease" - what is that exactly? How long have you had it?