Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Love Dirty Loves Clean

Dirty Loves Clean is w o n d e r f u l. I showered with Guava Loves Yuzu this morning and I think I am in love once again. You all know I love yuzu, but throw in a tropical fruit to boot and you got me!
Guava Loves Yuzu
Not only does it smell wonderful, it looks beautiful and it has scrubby bits in the pink part! Sesame seeds, in fact, but I think they are ground up slightly because they don't seem as big as a seed. In any case, I love that only half of the bar is scrubby. Then it gave me the chance to scrub if I felt like it, and then for my more delicate areas, I could run smoothly with the bar. In addition to all of these lovely attributes, it has copious foaming properties! I was in the stream of the shower, picked up the bar and before I even got to rubbing it vigorously between my hands, it started to suds immediately after the first pass. Loved that. Shaving: Because the soap had amazing sudsy action, shaving was a dreamy non-irritating experience (thank goodness). I coated my legs with lather and then before I shaved, I rubbed my legs without the bar of soap and more lather came. The lather was having lather-babies! The lather was birthing in right in front of me! Soap babies.

One of the things I love about this one-woman company, is that some bars of soap are coupled with a neighborhood in New York which I love because I am a former New Yorker. For instance:

Greenpoint Baked Bread
Oh my goodness, this smells absolutely like freshly baked bread. I LOVE IT! I keep it right by my computer and snif it 4 or 5 times a day. Notice the wrap is made with a subway map (brilliant)

Manhattan Big Apple

Coney Island Beach

Williamsburg Lager

Where's Red Hook?

Michelle, thank you for sharing your soap. I think I love you!


Michelle Stasha said...

yay, I am glad you like them!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part (since I can't smell or feel them) is the subway maps used for the wrapping. :) What a fun name too!