Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cereal Challenge Results

If you didn't get a chance to read the
Cereal Challenge feel free to before reading the results.

You all did SO well and I give you a gold star and an E for effort. Since the challenge, I added Honeycomb to my pantry, because it was calling to me the last time I shopped.

I'm a health nut. I know.

The results are in:

1) Frosted Flake

2) Grape Nut

3) Organic Clifford's Crunch (no one in this house likes these, so I'm eating them)

4) Rice Krispie

5) Cheerio

6) Fruity Pebble (awful-this was a moment of giving in...choosing my battles as I say with the 8 year old in tow)

7) Corn Pop (aka sugar pops -Karyn remembers)

8) Organic Wild Puff (my kids love these!)

9) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

10) Kix

So, who came closest?

  • Leslie with 8 correct
  • Marr with 8
  • Heather with 8
  • body natural soap with 8
  • Crystal with 8
  • Stickygooeycreamychewy with 8
Since no one won the challenge and there is a 6 way tie at number 8, I'll have to start a new game and give you all another chance at some goodies.

I'll try to think of another challenge.

Thanks for was too much fun for me. My favorite comment was from Crystal:

"Okay, here's my last try. I went to the store to buy cereal today and ended up in the cereal aisle for 15 minutes trying to find these."

Now THAT is a true competitor!


Body Natural Soap said...

Can't wait that was a fun one I even tried searching the internet for pictures of cereal. I was sure I had the chocolate looking cereal.

Anonymous said...

My kids LOVE the Wild Puffs!

That was quite the challenge for me, who is normally challenged enough as it is just getting by. ;D

Nell said...

That was really tough! Good game!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

That was so fun. It's shameful that I didn't get ANY of the healthy ones!

What ever happened to Booberry? ;)