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Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's Been Too Long, Sporny Sporn ~ An Etsy Extraction

Sporn = Soap Porn

Allow me to Spoon Feed you now...


No. 204 Impetus Natural Wheatgrass Soap by Hart and Hawthorn

Dragon's Blood by mybeautye

Coconut Milk Lemongrass by Bubble Luxe

Rosemary Soap by The Little Ragamuffin

Vegan Lavender Soap by Westford Soaps

Hazelnut Cappuccino Coffee Soap by KM Elegant Creations

Just a few soapy images for all of you who have been patiently waiting while I have been so busy with my life stuffs.....

More coming soon, alog with an announcement of sorts coming this May!



Tricia said...

Beautiful inspiration !!

Casadapaulina♥Jabones said...

Qué bonitos los jabones de hoy.
y los envoltorios me encantan.

Darlene Sandau said...

Gorgeous creations. Thanks for sharing.

Madame Propre said...

Beautiful, and so original!

Volos said...

It is amazing how wonderful these soaps look! I especially loved the
look of Hazelnut Cappuccino Coffee Soap. Donkey milk soap
not look as good, but is definitely a soap worth trying.