Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food Soap Challenge

One of the reasons I post challenges on Soaper's Retreat on facebook is to push your abilities to express yourselves and the photographs you take of the masterpieces you make.  In life and in work, I always feel like if I don't push the envelope or think outside the box, in my work, or anything else I do, will just be overlooked, be plain, "pedestrian"... and like everyone else's.  So this challenge, The Food Challenge, was to use a food item, never used BY YOU before in your soaps.  I was clear in my food challenge description, that failures (meaning that if the food item created a soap on a stick scenario or whatever) or ultimate messes, would all be considered. My hope was to open the idea to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and challenge you to add something unconventional that would, perhaps, open up a world of possibilities in your own mind in your soapmaking.

So after reviewing such amazing entries and photographs, I am only able to choose a few, but know that I was tickled pink to see the efforts and awesome envelope pushing I saw with this challenge.  I am really proud of the people who really left their "drawing within the lines" state of mind and took a chance with this challenge.  GOOD FOR YOU.

I hope you know that these challenges are not for this blog.  Not for any status symbol.  Not a popularity contest.  I do it FOR YOU.  To challenge you to not only think about your art and express it from YOU, but to also better photograph your art in new ways that you feel comfortable with and that show off the beauty of your artistic work.

Now, let's get to some photos.....

Food: Made with Budda's Hand (fruit), by Melinda Wimm Wolff Foster

Food:  Tahini + Honey with Acacia Gum sprinkles, made by Clara Lindberg

Food:  Sriracha Hot Sauce, mad by Debbie Thomas

Food:  Kale + Raspberries, Made by Katye Fredieu

Food:  Carrot Juice + Raw Noodle Topping, Made by Andrea Gerlach

Food: Dragonfruit, Made by Fransiska Tanadi

Like I mentioned, I couldn't list all of them, but these were some of the more unusual ingredients used in the challenge and I am proud of everyone who tried a new food in their soap.  Everyone!  Well done, people, well done.  Now hopefully, adding new things in your soap won't be as scary...O.o

xxxooo  Jo


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