Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shieh Shieh Shieh

Emily Evily, of Shieh Design Studio, sent me soaps many months ago, before I moved across town...only to have to wait ions for my soap review.  It has been a stretch to keep up with reviews, as the move, life, kids, new puppy and restructuring my entire company has been eating up all my time.

But she deserves this, because her soaps are so fine.  And gorgeous.

Gelato Twist Soap

First of all, Emily is an artist and every bar she produces is a work of art.  I'm not really sure how she does it, because every new soap of hers that I see tops the last one.  How is that possible?  Because she is a true artist.

The soap:  I took that baby in the shower with me, and it performed with lovely lather and silkiness I hadn't expected.  The blended fruity scent was not overpowering but gentle on the nose.  I'm not a big fan of overly scented soaps, so I was very pleased to be in that shower for a good 20 minutes.  The soap left my skin nourished and clean.  Just the combination we all hope for in a bar of soap.  Not tight and dry.

With the bar wet and rubbed out a little, the swirl design popped and I could see the delicate nature of the soap.  Three or four colors, gently co-mingling together and perfectly swooped with such a delicate nature.

You can take a look at some of her recent works of art at her shop, but here are a few of my faves:

Teakwood Cardamon Buttermilk Banana Soap  (YUM) I want this one!!

As you can see, the all look scrumptious and sound heavenly.  Every ingredient, every nook and cranny...all make for a luxurious experience. 

Thank you, Emily!


Celine Blacow said...

Fantastic review... and Emily deserves every word of it. She is a true artist and is always trying to challenge herself with something new and different. She comes up with such incredible ideas and design concepts, I have no clue how she does it half the time! Love love love Emily's soaps!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Emily is an artist. We are privileges to get to enjoy her art in a very utilitarian manner. :)

TheSoapGallery said...

Love Emily's work! Truly inspired by beauty in nature :)

Great review and very deserving.

Joe and Shelly Morris said...

I love Emily's work as well and have been a fan and a user of her soaps for about a year. She is a true inspiration to me and deserves all the praise in the world.

Shieh Design Studio said...

Thanks for the AWSOME review Joanna!

Topcat said...

Another HUGE Emily fan here! An artisan who pours so much energy into the visual side of her soaping so often works with a 'just nice enough' recipe. Emily continually searches for luscious, moisturising and nurturing ingredients that lift her soap way above the obvious beauty of her bars. xxx

Suzy Whitten said...

Add me to the "Emily Fan Club"...I just went though one of the last bars I'd purchased from her and my skin is missing them! Beautiful to look at, beautiful to use.

soap dispenser for bathroom said...

Hi Emily!

Fist time i have come across o your blog. I have seen such a cool stuff. I wish you all the best for your entire company. I will come back again for your latest blog post. :)

Joan's Garden said...

Such gorgeous soaps...Glad Emily's in the soaping world.