Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo Challenge - Fave Smelling Soap

We had another Soap Photo Challenge in our facebook group, Soaper's Retreat over the weekend.  I like to challenge all of you to spread a little beyond your comfort zone and use natural light to take pictures instead of a flash or straight up blinding sunshine which can be very contrasty.

This challenge, I asked all of you to choose your favorite smelling soap and tell us why you named it what you did.  I'm not sure everybody read the entire challenge because a lot of entries didn't have an explanation of their soap's name.  That's okay.  I will be more clear next time. 

Here are the entries that I loved the most this week.

"Patchouli grapefruit.  First of all, the smell I associate with the color. Patchouli for me it's something deep, rich and sexy - dark red, black. Love that rich scent :)"
by Lina Vilniskyte

 "I am horrid at naming soaps and tend to use just the scent but this is one of my favorite scents.... 
It's deep, it's sexy, its sensual, it's slightly sweet, its just plain delish and the two scents are made for each other."
by Sacha Staffanson

Nature's Alchemy "Petals -n-Pods". 
"I named it this hence the organic,fair-trade chamomile infused soap with madagascan vanilla seeds in the top layer. Then the soap is topped with both organic chamomile & vanilla beans. 
I love the warm, grounding essential oil blend of this soap which consists of: Peru balsam,clove,&orange.Yum! The herbs are more in focus than the soap but that's okay, they can have center stage-they are deserving!"
by Kira Johnston

The next challenge shall be posted this week for next week's blog post.  Let us know if you like these challenges!  Leave a comment!!  Tell us what you'd like to see more of. :)

xo Jo


Mossy Creek Soap said...

Gorgeous! They look so delicious I can almost smell them right through my computer!

Pipestone Soaps said...

Good challenge... Thank you so much! ~Sacha

Summer said...

I absolutely love the challenges, it gives me something to work toward! Plus, I LOVE seeing all the pictures from other soapers! :) Thanks Jo for putting all this together!

Shieh Design Studio said...

Love photo challenges! Keep the sporn coming!