Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This N That

I think May has been a rough month for some of us and certainly for me.  Three failed batches of soap this month  (No re-batching!  Michael, re-batching is Satan's work ;))

I have been neglecting The Soap Bar for reasons I can't go into on this blog, but I am trying to make it interesting considering I don't have time for tutorials, photo shoots and extra time right now.  I have gotten heavily into making soap more naturally and with an abundance of skin-loving goodies.  I feel like it is time to recalculate my more basic formulas to be chock full of yummy stuff as well.  I have have been loving making Carrotmilk, Fat Boy, Detox, The Sea Bar and Palm Beach Illustrated.  They each have their own distinguishable ingredients that I adore. 

I do love our Facebook group page.  Every member is wonderful and I'm glad we have some humor going on. Life can get so serious sometimes.  Geez!   We now have over 600 group members and I am ecstatic about all the information we are sharing with eachother.  I am in awe with the community feel I get from the place.  I've made new friends and I am just chuffed!

I tip my hat to the Great Michael Kitney of My Planet Earth Soap Company for making this wonderful picture for our FB Group header (with my PBI soap in the shot):

"Agh, if you don't make perfect soap, like this, you will be banished to my work prison
camp and forced to rebatch forever!!!!! BAAAAAHHAHAHAHA!!!!" 

(thank you Tracy Wells for the caption!!)

So this is what I did to it for our header:

Thanks, Michael for inspiration!!!  And your humor!  And for using my soap.  And for being you.




TeresaR said...

Gosh, I adore Michael...and really miss him, you, and the whole Soap Bar Blog page on Facebook. But that's the only thing I miss about FB; I'm still glad I closed my account there. :} I wish there was a way I can get to see the convos without re-joining.

Thinking of you darlin' and hoping that things will turn around for you in June! xo

DuhBe said...

I didn't know about the facebook group - just joined. I love the team america header - too funny :-)

Just a reminder... I love what you do and thank you for doing it!