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Monday, May 14, 2012

Miss Polly

Ruby Grapefruit + Sugarcane by

I had the pleasure of using this delicious soap, made with care by Polly McNamara of Miss Polly's soap company in the UK.  I was very interested in this scent because I love ruby red grapefruit already, but then adding sugarcane....?  Oh please, help me...had to have it.  They were adorable and compact.  Almost half the size of a standard bar but beautiful all the same (as you can see in the picture).  The color and design were cheerful and sweetly femine and the added dried roses on the tops were gorgeous until I got them in the water.  Then the petals looked kind of sad.

The smell was how I had imagined it would be and I spent a considerable amount of time in the shower sniffing the soap and getting my sugar grapefruit on.  :)  The soap lathered quickly with creamy bubbles and was smooth on my skin with no "drag", which is something I have great fondness for.  For me, the bar was a rectangular shaped block and it was hard for my hands to get comfortable with the soap.  Now, this isn't to say it wouldn't work for other people, it just wasn't easy to wash with in the shower as I kept dropping it.  That bar is long gone, but I still have another soap of hers that I will be placing in my bathroom at the sink.  I believe it will be the perfect soap for handwashing.

Bravo to Miss Polly, with her beautiful soaps that are simple and sweet, with undeniably stunning and classy packaging.  She obviously spends a great deal of care wrapping each soap which is gift-ready and perfectly adorable! 

To Miss Polly from me:  xoxo


Kate said...

What a beautiful pink color!

Amy Mekelburg said...

Love that pink! It's giving me some inspiration... :)

Anonymous said...

Love that pink! A beautiful looking soap!

Jaboning said...

mmm so yummy!

Michelle Somers said...

The colour is so pretty.


Polly McNamara said...

Thank you so much Joanna for liking my soap. I agree that the rose petal look a bit ugly when wet so I've not made any more with the petals. I do like that pink colour though, that's a keeper xx

Regina Stokes said...

This must be the most fun thing ever to do! I tried soap making back in the late 90's for fun, it was hard and messy! You make the final product look so beautiful.