Friday, March 2, 2012

Holy Batman!

Okay... I started the Facebook Group and in one day, we already have 132 members and there is a lot of chatting, sharing, support and information.  I know this a a great step for this community.  If you have other suggestions.... There are so many good Forums out there, but if you think you would use it, need it, I will create it.  Say the word and if I can do it (not rocket science, I assume), I will.  I do know rocket scientists, but I am not one myself.

I will stick a little soap porn in here today because I know now that that is so inspiring to you (FB told me so), so I create a little offering for you this morning....  Peace!

Centaur Amber Vanilla by Amathia Soapworks  (ok, it's made with 25% shea butter.  What?!  I needs, loves, must haves....

My Planet Earth Soaps: "Winter I Freaking Hate You!" Luxury Shea Butter Soap scented with Litsea Cubeba, Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oils.  Love my new friend, Mike.  A brilliant man with a perfect voice and quite possibly a soaping god.  Haven't tried them yet, but I got BIG plans, right Mike? (I almost called him Mikey like the Life commercials.  Bet he hates that!)

"Pink Champagne - a blend of wild strawberry & fizzy champagne with aloe vera and silk... smells just lovely (not too sickly strawberry)"
Oh, Celine has done it again... This soap looks exactly like an ice cream bar I used to eat during the summers in Brooklyn.  It was a chocolate, vanilla a strawberry bar.  I used to run faster than my legs could move to reach the singing ice cream truck before it left.... after my mother would throw change from our 3rd story apartment and me frantically picking up the change that scattered everywhere... Thank you Celine, for the memory.  I remember the excitement I felt in my chest.  :)

Just three for today.  I have spent so much time on our new FB page that I ran out of time today.  More soon, I promise!

xo Joanna


Cynthia-Rose Julian said...

Joanna, more like supersonic Superman. So exciting - thanks for adding me to the group as well. What an amazing array of talented soapers out there.

TeresaR said...

Yes, my thanks also for adding me to the group! It has been inspiring...I plan to make my second batch ever of CP soap this month. Nothing that looks as good as the soaps you showcase and make, but it's a start. :)

Celine Blacow said...

Ohh thanks for including the Pink Champagne soap! So glad it evoked good feelings for you (a little like me and your Thai Sticky Rice soap too!).

The group is incredible... fastest growing group I've ever been involved in, it was whizzing last night, so much fun. Great great idea! Cannot wait to see the wealth of images that are to come. Thanks so much for setting it up x

Holly said...

It was amazing to see how fast it grew. I haven't had time to read through and comment but I sure am looking forward to it. It will be an exciting place to visit. I hope it works out because forums can get into some weird territory.

Kenna said...

Awww, thanks, Joanna!

The group is so awe-inspiring and amazing. I'm getting ready to head down to the workshop to soap for the first time in a couple weeks. I was in such a funk, but all the soap porn in the group is a huge inspiration and push to get back to work. :)

Beautiful soap porn, as always!

Topcat said...

Oh, you picked three of the best for sure! I love your memory of the ice cream of childhood ~ somehow you took me to one of my own ~ thank you. You new fb page is buzzing and has attracted so many creative souls... what an achievement!

roxta said...

Just put my request through! xx

HollieJean said...


The "Pink Champagne" is pure art! I'd have to be careful that it wasn't eaten by mistake though. It seems appetizing!