Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Vanilla Files - Artisan Soaps

I stumbled upon Clear Marie's blog, Artisan Soaps over a year ago and read her extensive Vanilla fragrance oil research she's called The Vanilla Files. I fell in love with her immediately. She tested over a dozen vanilla based fragrance oils in cold processed soaps and tested for a number of things:
  1. color of soap over the cure period
  2. color of lather
  3. how scent held up over a year's time
  4. how scent sticks to skin
  5. and the fragrance itself
Right there, I see a huge amount of dedication. First she had to make 13 batches of soap. Each loaf had to be labeled and impeccable notes needed to be kept on them. (I'd be out. With two kids and an unorganized husband, there is no way in hell I could keep notes attached to 13 items all together in one place).

She got me at the list.

Her research is fantastic. She photographed every step of the way; slices of the soaps to compare color and lather comparisons. She described, a description of each scent so we can get a detailed real version, not a manufacturers "fluffy" made up version. And of course each scent is coupled with the supplier's name. For example: Daystar Supplies-Drizzled Honey Vanilla

Please go have a look at her blog and especially her Vanilla Files. There are eight Files, each of which are full of information and photographs. Clear really did a thorough job and I think it's information we can all learn from.

Thank you, Clear!!


Splurge Sisters said...

Wow, her attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Celine Blacow said...

Clear is an amazing soaper and very dedicated to her research ... I love her soaps so much!

Artisan Soaps said...

Oh WoW, I had no idea you were going to feature my blog Joanna - THANKS!

I hope other soapers can make use of the info, and I still have all the bars labeled and kept in the same conditions so please feel free to ask any questions ..

And YES I will be returning to the blogging world, once life returns to normality .. My kids are just #1 priority right now (special needs son, & daughter who's still dealing with the effects of the Christchurch Earthquake) .. But I'll be back!! :D

claudia mold said...

What a great work! Thank you so much. Claudia

Topcat said...

Clear is simply amazing and a wonderful soaper as well! I have so much respect for her and I am thrilled that you shared her with your followers xxx

Marilyn said...

Thank You! I love that someone would take the time and attention to detail to do this and then SHARE it with everyone :D

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Thank you BOTH ! As a brand new soaper (just 5 months in) I had no idea plain old vanilla was anything but plain. Now I can't wait to put your research to use. Too bad there are not any grants (that I know us) for dedicated Artisans like the TWO of you.